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It was the last time Michael Scott will ever host the Dundies, and it was the second to last night that Michael Scott will ever be on television. It might not have been as great as a few others this season, but "Michael's Last Dundies" was both funny and sweet, which made it a perfect penultimate episode for Steve Carrell.

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On the heels of hearing news that Jim Carrey will be guest starring in the season finale, it seems most important to once again analyze how Will Ferrell performed in his second appearance.

He definitely wasn't as hilarious as in "Training Day," but added a few laughs here and there, especially in his inability to perform in front of people.

Whether it was just complete misses like "you need a key chain," or the most inappropriate banter of all time in "Where were you on September 11th?" I lost it on a couple of occasions thank to Deangelo Vickers. But this most important thing that Will Ferrell did, was not distract from yet another fabulous performance by Steve Carrell on his way out the door.

Preparing for the Dundies (throwing eggs at Toby's house), the video that preceded them (his Phyllys and Jim impressions), the jokes he came up with at the event itself (making fun of Stanley's diabetes), and his analysis of how the night went ("That Phyllis bit...that was pretty good right?" Michael was on his game all episode long, which made watching him tear up at his employees' finale that much more difficult to take.

When The Office does sweet, they do it well. And just like Michael's proposal to Holly, Jim, Pam, Ryan and the crew singing their own lyrics to the song from Rent, hit my sweet tooth right at its core. And I think Michael said it all after witnessing the love of his fellow Dunder Miffliners, "Well this is gonna hurt like a mother (bleeper)."  As much as it's going to hurt Michael Scott to leave Scranton, it's going to hurt us fans just as much.

What I don't want to get lost in the shuffle before we get to some of our favorite quotes of the night, is how good B.J. Novak continues to be this season.  Everything Ryan has said this year has me cracking up, which is a far cry from the drab he used to come up with in the first couple of seasons.  This week it was preaching about people that use the phrase "like crack" and wondering what criteria Michael used to give out the "Hottest in the Office Award."

Even though we will be mourning the end of Michael's Scott's run on The Office, one ending we can all cheer about is that of the relationship between Erin and Gabe.  Finally!  I, just like the cutest red head at Dunder Mifflin Scranton, definitely cringe whenever Gabe talks.  Thank you for dumping him Erin.  And thank you for doing it during your Dundies acceptance speech.  Bravo.

Now I leave you with some of our favorite quotes from "Michael's Last Dundies."  Don't forget to check out all the best lines at The Office quotes page.

Pam: Their breadsticks are like crack.
Ryan: I love when people say "like crack" who've obviously never done crack. | permalink
Kevin: I love banter, but I hate witty banter. | permalink
Michael: This is my last Dundies ever, if I want mind control over him, is that too much to ask? | permalink
Pam: Why don't you want to eat lunch with your boyfriend?
Erin: I really don't like spending time with him. | permalink
Deangelo: Just go do it by yourself, or get Ryan.
Michael: No Ryan would never do it. It's too on the radar. | permalink
Michael: The diabetes award goes to Stanley Hudson. Come on up here you sick bastard. | permalink
Dwight: I just don't see the point of the Dundies, okay? The jokes are terrible, the venue was bad, the fashion was boring.
Michael: Okay, that is unfair. The clothing was safe but tasteful. | permalink

Michael's Last Dundies Review

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Yeah, okay. Well this is gonna hurt like a mother (bleeped).


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