The Good Wife Season Finale Round Table: "Closing Arguments"

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As the final seconds of The Good Wife's second season came to a close, it appeared Will and Alicia were finally gonna do the deed.

In our last Round Table of the season, critic Jeffrey Kirkpatrick is once again joined by Carissa Pavlica and Christine Orlando to discuss this monumental event and other aspects of the finale. We invite you to include your responses to the questions, or pose your own, below.


1. Did Alicia make a wise decision getting a room with Will?  What fallout should we expect?

Carissa: I don't think it was a wise decision, but one from her heart. She's in pain, and one person has never hurt her or expected anything from her - Will. It's natural that they would turn to each other. That doesn't mean it won't have it's consequences. She'll have to look at what others have done from a different view. She'll have to realize what makes others tick, because her own clock skipped a beat. It will be interesting to see her fighting herself for understanding of herself and forgiveness of others.

Christine: Wise, no. Understandable, yes. These two have been circling around one another for years and Alicia's emotionally raw.  Something had to give.  I have two words…elevator cameras.  This will come back to haunt them.

Jeffrey: Pretty typical of most people now days. Follow the heart, consequences be damned. The "if it feels good, do it" mantra of our society is what is leading to its downfall. Many people commented on the review saying that Alicia deserves to be happy and I do not disagree with that, but steps need to be taken before she goes down that path. Despite Peter's cheating and lying, she's STILL married and STILL legally bound to him. If she sleeps with Will it's STILL adultery. It's STILL wrong. Divorce him and then move on, but not before. Besides that, her children likely still have hope that their parents will reunite. Once they see video of Willicia sucking face in the no doubt surveilled elevator plastered all over the news, they'll be devastated. Nothing good ever comes from thinking with your nether regions.

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2. Is what Alicia appears to be doing with Will viewed differently than what Peter did to Alicia, and why?

Carissa: Yes, and the hypocrisy is upsetting to me. The same people who want Alicia and Peter to be together, saying that Alicia should forgive Peter for all his sins have the nerve to judge her. She has been through so much, and been so noble throughout, is it any wonder she'd fall apart after this last reveal?  Why is it different for her to turn to someone she genuinely cares for when separated from Peter but Peter should be forgiven for sleeping not only with numerous whores, but her best friend? I don't get it.

Christine: Absolutely.  Peter was hiring hookers over a series of months, maybe even years.  He slept with at least one coworker and that's only the things we know about.  Up until the finale Alicia's only crime was having a crush on a college sweetheart.  Even when she and Will decided to act on their feelings, Alicia had already kicked Peter out and started proceedings for a legal separation.  The two situations are totally different.

Jeffrey: Fan responses are mixed for sure. As far as I'm concerned, Peter doesn't deserve any forgiveness, at least at this stage. His actions in intentionally trying to hide his one-night stand with Kalinda proves he hasn't changed. That doesn't mean he won't somewhere down the line, but now? He's still a cad in my eyes. I already expressed above where I feel that Alicia is out of line. As for fan response, I do think it is also hypocritical for anyone to criticize Alicia while giving Peter a pass; and vice-versa. Both are wrong and guilty in their own ways.

3. Is Eli coming to Lockhart Gardner with an ulterior political motive or is it strictly a business decision?

Carissa: He's always liked the firm. He loves Alicia. I think it's a business decision. I don't think he's ever been as "in bed" with Peter as he was working genuinely on his behalf to get him elected. Part of me thinks he fell in love with Peter's family and doesn't want to lose that now that the election is over.

Christine: I think Eli is always thinking three steps ahead. He certainly has a plan. Nothing with Eli is simple.

Jeffrey: Lets not kid ourselves. Eli is ambitious. His career is made by his political accomplishments: the bigger the fish, the bigger the paycheck. He knows he's got a decent shot of getting Peter in the governor's seat, and an even better one if Alicia were on board. LG may be a good fit from a business perspective, but it has potential to be an even better fit politically.  That said, Eli has proven he is of good character and genuinely cares for Alicia. I don't think he'll ever compromise her for any reason...but he likely believes that if he can successfully bridge the gap between she and Peter, then everyone wins.  Regardless of his motives, though, I'm just ecstatic for more Eli and Alicia scenes. They're my favorite pairing, aside from Alicia and Kalinda.

4. Were you suprised that Peter was the anonymous sender of the bloody glove, and does this redeem him at all in your eyes?

Carissa: No and no. Why does he have a bloody glove from a crime? It makes me wonder if he wasn't holding it all along to ensure the guy got convicted. I have no idea what motivates Peter but Peter himself. He's arrogant and has an edge that makes him untrustworthy and dangerous.

Christine: Yes, I was a little surprised. Peter believes in justice and that's admirable but that doesn't negate all he's done to his wife and family. Peter's a complicated guy. It's what makes him so interesting to watch. I just wouldn't want to be married to him.

Jeffrey: Yes and no. I never saw it coming; I really thought it was Cary. But I agree with Carissa that Peter only does what's best for Peter. Whatever his motivation, it was not out of even an ounce of selflessness.

5. What did you think of Kalinda's attitude in the finale in comparison to the last minutes of the previous episode?

Carissa: At the end of the previous episode, I thought Kalinda was going to go all Kamikaze female on us. That smirk at the end really had me worried. But when she was intimate with Sophia, and found out she was married, it really jarred her. She doesn't want to be that person any longer. Her character is going to continue to grow and fight with itself, as well. That all of the characters face so many internal struggles is what makes The Good Wife so intriguing.

Christine: In the previous episode she was devastated over losing her friend and perhaps a bit ashamed of her actions.  Now she's accepting the consequences and moving on.  Kalinda's a survivor.  She doesn't allow things to keep her down for long.

Jeffrey: Has there ever been a more enigmatic character on television? Two seasons down and I STILL cannot figure out what Kalinda is thinking, though she did show her hand a bit after her tryst with Sophia. As much as I love the mystery of her character, I'm very disappointed that she's retreated into her cocoon because I loved the growth she had shown in her relationship with Alicia, even if it was ultimately built on a lie.

Jeffrey Kirkpatrick is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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