South Park Review: "City Sushi"

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I'm normally a huge fan of Butters-centric episodes, but this week's, "City Sushi," just didn't have the humor of the past exploits of my favorite clueless, innocent South Park kids.

I admit I was not only surprised by the Usual Suspects-esque twist at the end, but actually fairly impressed. South Park always has a unique way of tying together seemingly unrelated stories, but this week's felt even more clever than usual.

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But there was just something about this episode that was too "blah" for my taste.

Sure, I found the diagnosis of Butters' play time as multiple personality disorder entertaining the first time. Outside of that and a few good lines by Mr. Stotch, the episode's main jokes stemmed from standard Asian stereotypes already beaten to death a season ago.

Don't get me wrong, there were still plenty of parts that made me laugh, but this episode really made me think I was too harsh on last week's NCAA satire.

I also must note that I love the Simpsons trick they used of resetting everything at the end by allowing Dr. Janus to continue living his life as Lu Kim.

Maybe I don't like it over the course of a whole episode, but South Park needs its resident Asian for equal opportunity offending.

So, everyone ready to yell at me for how wrong I was? Maybe instead you can spend that time submitting your favorite South Park quotes. Either way, go to it!

City Sushi Review

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