Alphas Exclusive: Malik Yoba on Evolution of New Series, Characters

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Malik Yoba didn't want to be a part of Alphas.

The actor, who has appeared in a number of shows as a regular - from New York Undercover to Girlfriends to Defying Gravity - told me he was "reluctant" to take on the role of Bill Harken because it's "hard to find something that's really gonna work. It takes time and energy to relocate and I was really hesitant."

But Yoba then met with director Jack Bener and thought the series was doing something pretty cool.

"Then, once it went into production, I knew we were doing something cool," he said. "We all realized there is something unique here in terms of the combination of personalities playing the roles and the ethos of the show in general."

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Viewers agree. The series premiere of Alphas drew huge ratings for SyFy.

A major appeal of the opener was its light tone. Unlike Heroes, the members of the Alphas team mostly embrace their abilities. It's a trait Yoba says he's particularly excited over.

"I do have a huge funny bone," he said. "My character seems straight, like he's this hard ass law enforcement guy. But we've given license to improv and find those humorous moments."

The actor points to episode five as especially "hilarious." Fans can look forward to a road trip that Yoba labels "Bill and Gary's excellent adventure."

What else can we expect?

"What's cool is where you meet us in the pilot isn't where we stay. We're all evolving in one way or another," he said. "As Alphas, we end up in all types of situations and places. As we're pulled into this world of the Department of Defense, our relationship becomes clearer: we're being manipulated by the government. The whole time Bill is trying to get back into the FBI, too, as we continue finding out more about this world."

Alphas aired its second episode tonight. Return to TV Fanatic soon after it airs for a detailed review.

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