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Through two episodes, Wilfred is not at its funniest when the show makes lewd remarks. And it's definitely not at its funniest when Ryan and his new canine pal smoke up, an act that lost its shock value after their time toking together.

Instead, both on the premiere and on this week's "Trust," I most enjoyed the instances when Wilfred verbalized the ways in which we all assume a dog things.

Ryan, Wilfred and Jenna

Last Thursday, he dug holes in a panic because he thought Jenna would return. Here, he defended his owner to the extreme because that's why we love these animals so much as pets, right?

They are blindly, adorably loyal.

It's a bit ironic. For a show about a dog that looks and acts like a man, I most look forward to the moments where he gives us insight into the animal world.

Wilfred also took a few liberties with its premise this week. He is just a dog, right? That's what everyone not named Ryan sees? So then how can he snap a photo of topless women on a beach? Are they actually seeing that take place? Or is it for the viewers at home and there's not really a camera in his hands/paws?

It's confusing. The show needs to better explain just how its concept works. Family Guy doesn't care to do this when it comes to Brian because that's a ridiculous cartoon.

But Wilfred appears to be aiming for more. It wants to pass along a few messages and have a profound impact with each episode. But that's difficult to accomplish when I spend most of my time trying to figure out what everyone aside from Ryan is seeing.

Overall, an improvement here over the pilot. I still don't feel about Wilfred the way the title character feels about Jenna, but I'm not ready to give up on the series either.

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