Is There Hope For Dan & Serena on Gossip Girl?

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Dan and Serena were such a point of Gossip Girl's first season, many fans have wondered ever since if that couple would reunite as part of the show's long-term plan.

But will they? Penn Badgley says your guess is as good as his at this point.

“I have no idea," Penn told Entertainment Weekly. "[The writers] are always dropping little hints about what might happen in the future or the distant future with them.”

Awkward Alert!

Derena remains an open book these days, but if the series is indeed in the “home stretch” as Badgley put it, that may accelerate some of these lingering storylines.

Home stretch?! Well, all good things must come to an end, we suppose.

Whether this is the final season or not, how do you think the show should end in terms of its couples? Share your thoughts on the "endgame" (if you will) below.

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