Laura Mennell on Alphas Romance: It's Possible...

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In an interview with Warren Christie, the Alphas star would scarcely reveal anything about his character, Cameron Hicks, and any potential romance with Laura Mennell's Nina.

Therefore, like a child turning to one parent after the first gave us the wrong answer, we were forced to pose the same question to Mennell.

"There have been hints out there that something might happen," the actress said her a relationship between Cameron and Nina.

Fortunately, we like Alphas a lot - especially after this week's episode - and look forward to finding out the truth by simply watching every Monday night.

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What attracted Mennell to the role?

"She seemed like a lot of fun," the star said. "She's strong, intelligent, an extremely capable woman. But she also has a lot of baggage from the past and has a lot of walls up."

Nina's power may be to influence the actions of others, but that doesn't mean she doesn't occasionally get into the action herself.

"Sometimes she'll actually save the day," Mennell said. "I punched out Callum Keith Rennie [on "Anger Mangement"]. That was awesome!

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