Archer Review: "Heart of Archness: Part III"

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And just like that, Archer is gone and I'm forced to wait several months before my favorite spies return to me. So how was the little mini-season finale that was "Heart of Archness: Part III?"

Ray's Eye Patch

After spending two more weeks with our lovable guest voices slash characters, I've decided I'm going to miss Noah (David Cross) most of all. Not just because his voice so close to Judy Greer and Jessica Walter gives me hope for the Arrested Development movie, but because he played off Archer so well.

Normally, the show relies on Lana as the voice of reason... well, as close as a quick-tempered spy who got her pair of boobs at a stripper discount warehouse can be the voice of reason. But having Noah obnoxiously stating the obvious felt like a great additional sense of humor.

Rip ended up being a little bit boring in the end. In fact, I take back my further previous praise for the character and hope my Patrick Warburton keeps to voicing only one super spy: Brock Samson.

The episode, meanwhile, managed to take place almost exclusively in the jail cell, with the exception of Pam and Cyril's adventures back at ISIS. But since this show's humor mostly stems from dialogue, the setting really didn't matter when you crammed all those hilarious people in one room.

There was plenty of signature Archer humor from repeated "phrasing" jokes to a great nod to the Wee Baby Seamus episode with "10 gils." But, overall what did our little mini Archer movie serve?

Basically, Sterling being done with his mourning over what's her name. Oh. and Rip lost an eye. Oh, and Ray is blind in one eye and crippled. Gross. Oh, and definitely increasing my Archer withdrawal syndrome. At least FX is giving me The League back.

Heart of Archness: Part III Review

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