Blue Bloods Review: "Mercy"

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On the first season of Blue Bloods, Frank was not a favorite of the mayor. So you'd think that a new mayor-elect would be a welcomed change for the police commissioner. You'd be wrong.

As "Mercy" begins, it seems as though Frank has jumped from the frying pan into the fire when the mayor-elect strongly implies that it would be better if the murder of one of his key supporters is labeled as random violence, especially when the truth may lead to a sex scandal.

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Is asking your police commissioner to ignore evidence really what a new mayor wants to do before he's even taken office? This certainly doesn't bode well for the new administration.

Elsewhere, Faragat's secret love nest has the creepiest bedroom ever. Just how young does he like his playmates? As Jackie describes the room, it looks "like Gidget goes to hell" and I can't say she's wrong.

We see a lot of Frank dealing with the new mayor and Erin (who is looking far too thin!) juggling the case and her friendship with the victim's wife but there isn't much of Danny on the premiere. Because Danny normally leads the case of the week, I'm surprised by his role of a background player here. Not what I'd expect from a season opener.

Most of the struggles were Frank's and they were all internal. Does he keep his job or walk away? No one can make silent brooding as watchable as Tom Selleck.

And as Jamie gets his first undercover assignment, it looks as though Frank's worries will only increase. I honestly found the bar stakeout a bit boring, but it appears that Jamie may be playing with the big boys soon if he's dragged into the investigation of a local crime family.

Frank tells Jamie he knows he can do anything he sets his mind to but that's the Police Commissioner talking. The father who has already lost one son to the job won't be getting much sleep at night.

The best moment comes when Frank tells the mayor he hasn't done him any favors and he's not going to. Frank Reagan is nothing if not direct. He's also shocked when he finds out that a simple act of kindness he committed when he was a beat cop now puts him in the mayor's good graces. Sometimes luck is something we make without ever realizing it.

My biggest disappointment is that the Reagan family dinner doesn't have the sarcastic wit I've come to expect.  Everyone is rather well behaved and gets along... and that's just no fun. I look forward to more entertaining meals in the near future.

Mercy Review

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