2 Broke Girls Review: Cupcakes, Celery and Cynicism

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"And the Disappearing Bed" was a weird one for me.

On one hand, I thought it was fantastic, building on the rapport between the 2 Broke Girls. It also did well delivering some genuine laughs and heart. On the other, it again contained some very awkward race and sex jokes you could predict from miles away.

Totally Cookin

The Good. The chemistry between the leads just keep getting better and better. Their changing relationship has been paced well. Max was slow to warm up to Caroline, but each episode has featured them bonding over some event. Whether it be shared music interest and dance montage, Caroline's ex in the last episode, or Max's bartender crush tonight, they've inevitably become something Max hasn't even verbally acknowledged yet: girlfriends!

I loved that Max can berate Caroline in one breath, but then stand up for her the next. There are plenty of jokes at Caroline's expense. Once Caroline expressed her need for help, though, Max folded like a paper napkin. It happened when Caroline complained about the el cheapo tipper. It happened again when Caroline finally acknowledged that her "I am woman, hear me roar" routine didn't help any with her lack of tool sense. In both cases, Max was at the rescue.

Speaking of Caroline, her business savvy really shone here. She managed to smooth-talk a bunch of customers into buying Earl Samson's CDs, even if she had to embellish, including Earl's last name! She got their cupcake business one step closer to becoming a real business, with printed cards and a sales pitch (and a business name, but I agree it was a lame one).

Max, however, seemed a little deflated. She's always such a big personality that it's evident when she's not feeling her usual confident self. When she tried to sell her cupcakes, she was essentially selling herself. She didn't quite believe in her abilities yet, so when she tried to sell the virtues of said cupcakes to Peach, she failed miserably.

When she had to gauge the interest of Johnny, the bartender, we were treated to another awkward moment. It's probably fair to assume she thinks he's out of her league. Again, to ask him what that (hilarious!) celery incident meant required putting herself out there. Because she doesn't quite believe that hot and talented bartender would be interested in her, she was not her usual brassy, ballsy self.

Max's whole belief system consists of snark and cynicism. To be anything but is a step in the discomfort zone. This vulnerable side to Max was a refreshing sight, though. It was a nice contrast to her usual mouthy persona.

The other selling point was Johnny himself, and the celery incident previously cited. I mentioned in last week's review that we needed him back for eye candy. I really wasn't expecting to also get such a hot scene as the one we got here. Maybe my imagination is a little rusty, but who would've thought a celery could be so sizzling? I loved the payoff of that incident.

The girls got to be all a-flutter, and to bond. His visit to the apartment gave us a glimpse of how much Max had gone all-Dexter on him. We also got that sweet moment between Johnny and Max in the backyard. Nice, flirty banter without nary a horse's laugh from Max.

The Bad. They have funny jokes and they have jokes that are too obvious. Those obvious jokes usually consist of something to do with a penis or vagina for some reason, which makes them doubly distasteful. The "tip" joke, the "nine-inches" joke, these were telegraphed as soon as the words "tip" and "nine" were mentioned. I would love it if the writers chose to ignore their impulses in the future, and leave the lowest-common denominator jokes untouched.

I wasn't particularly offended by the Canadian joke (for the record, I'm of Canadian citizenship), I was just disappointed again by how trite that was. The "aboot" pronunciation on the video was good enough, but they just had to hammer home all the stereotypes, huh?

It was definitely interesting to see both clever and sloppy comedy in one episode.

Stray Observations:

  • Honorable mention of the evening must go to Max's first bumbling cupcake pitch to Peach, and her utterance of the word "maybley".
  • Her boss Peach, whose children she babysits, is quite horrible to me.
  • No Han tonight. I can't say I disliked trading him for Johnny. Uhm, can we make this permanent?
  • Vision board jokes on network television were aplenty this week! Did the writers have a huddle?
I'm still giving this one a good rating. I laughed a lot. Some of the reasons can be found in our quotes page.

And the Disappearing Bed Review

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