Body of Proof Review: Who Went Missing?

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A tense new Body of Proof gave us a missing boy, the return of Joanna Cassidy as Megan's mom and a hot new investigator.

"Missing" upped the emotional intensity when the autopsies weren't about finding a killer, but about finding a kidnapped little boy. With the pressure on and the clock ticking, Bud pulled his suspect into interrogation and turned off the cameras.

When Jason Peterson was found dead twenty minutes later, Bud was in huge trouble. Granted, it looked exceedingly bad but everyone was rather quick to convict Bud on the spot. Overall, he's a good cop and wanted that boy found as much as anyone yet it seemed his friends  assumed him guilty without even asking what happened.

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As the team searched for the missing child, we got to meet Derek Ames, a very attractive FBI Investigator who was quite obviously taken with Megan. 

I enjoyed the banter between Megan and Derek. He's the optimist to her pessimist. When they get the photo of the boy, Derek pointed out that at least he's alive and not alone. Megan said yes, but he's sick and possibly coughing up blood. The amateur nature of the photo gave Derek hope that the kidnapper wasn't a professional.  Great, said Megan, that meant he was incompetent and desperate. Was anyone else seeing a case where opposites attract?

Of course, if you listened to Kate, apparently Derek has a bit of a reputation with the ladies and Megan turned him down when he asked her out after the child was found. Pity. Megan could use a bit of a love life and I'm hoping we see more of Agent Ames in the future.

Thankfully, we didn't have a storyline with Lacey this week. I normally like the girl but a little goes a long way. The entire story arc of Megan being jealous of Kate having influence on her daughter had gotten old and I'm happy they seem to be moving on.

In place of that, Joanna Cassidy returned as Megan's mom. Judge Joan is on the campaign trail again and Megan isn't thrilled. I suppose that campaigning is a necessity if judges are elected officials but Megan groaned at the thought of being dragged into the publicity and fundraising.

Eventually, Megan told her mother what was really bothering her: the campaign photo. It's one of Joan and Megan taken the day of her father's funeral. To Joan it represents strength and family pride. To Megan it's a reminder of grief and despair. All I could think was that's a seriously old picture. Shouldn't she find something more recent that could represent her future and not her past? But I suppose you stick with what has been successful.

Having been a bit bored with last week's episode, I was glad to see Body of Proof step up its game. The only thing lacking was a bit of the humor I've grown to love. Let's hope that returns next Tuesday.

Missing Review

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Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

At the end of the day, the boy is either in their arms or on your table.


Derek: You can't let your heart get the better of you.
Megan: No one has ever accused me of that.