Supernatural Round Table: "Hello Cruel World"

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Did that really just happen on Supernatural?!? The latest episode, "Hello Cruel World," delivered yet another shocking conclusion to viewers, leaving our Round Table panel in a hurry to dissect, analyze and pontificate.

Join Carissa Pavlica, Kate Moon and Sean McKenna below as they tackle a number of topics from another suspenseful installment of this CW favorite...


Castiel’s death: Too soon or the right time?
Carissa: I don't believe it. There has to be a catch because there is no way in the world Misha Collins is allowed to leave Supernatural. Though it was indicative of his good nature to off himself instead be the Leviathan's plaything.

Kate: Noooo, I refuse to believe that Cas is dead! Supernatural is all about the meaning of life after death, right? He's coming back!

Sean: Way too soon. One minute he was God, next minute he was controlled by Leviathan, and poof, he’s dead. Although, his death would force the brothers to rely on each other and not some all powerful angel to get them out of trouble. But, dead? Now? It seems too simple of an ending for Cas.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Is the Leviathan an exciting new bad guy or a lame one?
Carissa: Kinda lame. Like the blob. Really, it's black ooze? I sure hope it takes more form than that because it's too reminiscent of something similar from The X-Files.

Kate: I'm hoping that it's more than just a black ooze that's "hungry" all the time. They did allude to a boss who has larger plans ,so hopefully it'll shape up to be something a bit more unpredictable.

Sean: I’m hoping that we’ve only scratched the surface of Leviathan and that there is a lot waiting to be revealed. Like who is this “boss” and does feeding on everything have more significance? If it ends up just being black ooze that has a grumbling stomach, I may be doing some grumbling myself.

What do you think of Sam’s mind problems?
Carissa: I think Jared Padalecki gets some awesome material and makes me believe Sam is good, bad, confused and anything else he wants with ease. The visits from Lucifer were welcome (Mark Pellegrino rocks. Did you catch him on The Closer? Priceless), and because Sam's mind is an open book, maybe that's how we'll get Castiel back, as well.

Kate: You feel for the poor guy. When Lucifer was impersonating Dean (I was convinced for a split second) you could read the pain on Sam's face at the thought that his own brother believes he could never get better. It's also fun to have Lucifer back and wreaking havoc, even if he is just a figment of Sam's imagination. I kind of hope there's a bigger plan in place, maybe even Lucifer's return via Sam's mind?

Sean: When does Sam not have problems? He really needs a vacation or something. That said, as much as I feel for him, the return of Lucifer was highly welcome. Pellegrino really draws out the taunt and tension (and yes, Carissa, I did catch him on The Closer. He is a versatile actor.) I just wonder how long Sam will have his seizures and hallucinations before he breaks for good.

Any thoughts on what Dean's largest arc might be?
Carissa: Well, taking back what I said above, maybe Castiel will appear to Dean through visions. Maybe both brothers will be right off their rockers. I just don't want him back in babysitter mode all the time.

Kate: Avenging Cas by battling the Leviathans! Although Dean likes to shovel his feelings to the back of his mind, I doubt he'll be able to deny how much Cas meant to him (he looked so lost as he clutched Cas' trench coat!) It would be cool to see Dean pay homage to his friend by fighting the good fight against this season's Big Bad.

Sean: Dean does get to play the big, protective brother a lot, doesn’t he? Although some fans hated the Ben and Lisa storyline for him, I thought it drew out a brand new aspect that gave some further depth and growth towards his character. I’m not saying I want another Ben and Lisa plot, but something that allows Dean to deal with a situation that doesn’t only involve his brother.

How would you feel if the show went back to just following Sam and Dean on their own?
Carissa: I think I'd trust the show runners to do it right. I think we'll never lose some of our core secondary characters because where will Lucifer and Death go, for instance? They're eternal. But some of my favorite episodes have been creature of the week eppys, so for pure entertainment factor, I don't think I'd mind a break from saving the enormity of the world.

Kate: It won't because Misha Collins is coming back... right? Right?!?!?!?

Sean: It could be interesting to see the two brothers fending for themselves, (don’t get me wrong, Misha Collins has been a favorite for me.) But, after all, the show did start off with only Sam and Dean as the primary characters. It would add an intense vulnerability for them without a guardian angel to aid them in tough spots. Plus, I often miss when they would go on a hunt for a simple ghost or urban legend that didn’t involve the complete and utter destruction of the world.

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