Supernatural Review: Sam Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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Sam Winchester has suffered through a lot of problems.

First, he had psychic powers. Then, he was obsessed with drinking demon blood, followed by becoming Lucifer, going to Hell, missing his soul, and now, losing his sense of reality and hallucinating about Lucifer. It's truly a wonder he's managed to keep it together. To think, I only really have to deal with an occasional bad case of the Mondays.

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Sam's issues are clearly only just beginning, but it was nice learning that Lucifer was a hallucination and Sam wasn't really in the cage. Still, dealing with a break from reality is just as scary as any demon or monster. Maybe he needs a spinning top or Leonardo DiCaprio to help him out.

Mark Pellegrino made the mind games enjoyable to watch, as he gleefully pestered Sam. I want Sam to get better, but there's something about Pellegrino's portrayal that makes me wish Lucifer would stick around. Of course, after the episode's ending, it looks like he just might be.

Then again, I thought the same for Misha Collins and his chance to play a new character was extremely short-lived. Extremely. I was disappointed that he didn't even get at least one more episode before biting the big one. Is that really it for him? I sure hope not.

Overall, the episode was relatively quiet and reminiscent of season one. Sure, there was a lot of blood and and bearing of nasty teeth, but the Leviathan felt more like a creature of the week than this all powerful being (beings?).

What is the Leviathan besides a black oozy thing that likes to eat people? How many are there? Who is this "boss" that's been talked about? What's the big plan?

I'm still interested to see where this part of the story is headed and am curious to see in what ways Leviathan is different from other season's Big Bads. Hopefully, they have a different goal than simply world domination.

Plus, now that Sam and Dean are headed towards the hospital where the Leviathan are camping out, things are about to get pretty hairy. After all, supernatural creatures and the Winchester brothers don't really get along.

Is anyone surprised that Dean called an ambulance? I mean, I know that's what we "normal" people would do if injured, but it felt so off to see the brothers being aided by someone other than another hunter. I guess desperate times really do call for desperate measures.

How desperate are things going to get for Sam and Dean? With Castiel dead (say it isn't so) and Bobby missing, it looks like the brothers are going to have to rely on themselves. Guess it looks like the two will have to get back to basics.

All in all, "Hello Cruel World" brought out the good old fashioned Supernatural style and tone fans have come to know, but compared to the premiere, it wasn't as exciting or dramatically intense. Hopefully, things pick back up again next week.

What did you think of the follow up episode?

Hello Cruel World Review

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