Supernatural to Ask, Answer: Who is Amy?

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Sam went flying over the cuckoo's nest on Supernatural last week.

How will this CW hit follow up yet another heart-pounding episode? Via "The Girl Next Door," which brings Jewel Staite's Amy into the picture. Who is this demon? She's the same being Sam came across as a child, and she's been killing thugs and feasting on their brains when Dean finds her this Friday.

Get an early look at the upcoming installment below, courtesy of its official CW preview:

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Supernatural Quotes

You betrayed me? No one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with.


Castiel: It's very complex. If the pizza man truly loves this babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear? Perhaps she has done something wrong.
Dean: Are you watching porn? Why?
Castiel: It was there.
Dean: You don't watch porn in a room full of dudes. And you don't talk about it. Just turn it off. Well now he's got a boner.