The Mentalist Review: Jane's Texas Twang

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A Texas accent on Patrick Jane is unnatural, let's start with that. But then have him showing off weaponry and my head simply spins.

Still, "Ring Around The Rosie" highlights how things are changing at the CBI and we need to adjust to a new state of normal.

Meet Luther Wainwright, the new boss. Does anyone know what happened to Hightower after the season finale? I don't think they've mentioned her or did I miss something? With Wainwright taking over I'd like to know what happened to Madeline because I really grew to like her.

Making a Mentalist Point

Wainwright is a bit of an odd duck, but he may turn out to be an interesting foil for Jane. I'm not sure if he admires or fears Jane. Possibly both. He seems to appreciate Jane's input until that final scene where he declares him a clinical psychopath. Perhaps that's not the best sign of things to come.

Of course, Jane did put a man with a large automatic weapon at an event full of people. I know they replaced the ammo with blanks in all of the weapons at the house... but what if he had had one in his vehicle? What if they'd missed one? The risk factor is huge. I can understand why Wainwright finds it disconcerting.

Moving on to the rest of the CBI team, I love how Grace is coping with her fiance's betrayal. She shot a pedophile last week and this week she's telling an abused wife not to quit because then she'll miss the best part: Payback. Damn, Grace Van Pelt has certainly changed since she first came to the CBI but I suppose almost marrying a murdering psychopath will do that to you.

Obviously Rigsby has noticed the change, too, since he made the comment saying at least she hadn't shot anyone this time. Ouch!

Did anyone else catch Cho's dig at Rigsby? Or at least that's the way I interpreted it. Rigsby's complaining about the new boss being so young and this exchange takes place:

Rigsby: Doesn't that bother you that the guy's barely qualified?
Cho: You get used to it. | permalink

I had to laugh at that because I do feel that Cho is a much better agent than Rigsby will ever be. And we'll follow that up with the Cho deadpan line of the night…

Your under arrest for the attempted murder of...everybody. | permalink

How can you not love Kimball Cho?

It feels a little odd that Jane and Lisbon basically worked separate cases. I missed their banter and hope for more next week. So nice of him to offer her tea before she left, though.

And I guess Wainwright's comment about being a clinical psychopath must have worried him a bit because he asked Lisbon if she thought he was an anti-social personality. I don't think a real psychopath would care. And Lisbon's response just solidified why I love this show. Yeah, sure. Who isn't?  So true.

Ring Around The Rosie Review

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