90210 Review: Thanks for Nothing!

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It seemed like there was nothing to be really thankful for in Beverly Hills this week - and "Smoked Turkey" really slammed that sentiment home.

Let's start with Ivy and Raj. Face it, folks, Raj may have set Ivy free by pretending to still be cancer-free (really?!? Yet another phone call from his doctor? This time plunging Raj to the depths of despair?), but that marriage started showing cracks when freelance photog, Nick, started sniffing around Ivy. And, like catnip, Ivy was all over his scent.

A 90210 Thanksgiving

Ivy decided to stay with Raj out of guilt because she certainly didn't hold back when she yelled at Raj that she hadn't realized marrying him meant giving up her dreams. Maybe you should've thought of that before taking those vows, little girl. And, yes, you will be an 18-year-old divorcee before the end of the season. Big surprise.

Naomi and Austin were just two big pills this week. Waah, I'm stuck in a rock. Waah, my parents are getting divorced. Waah, you won't rip my lingerie off my bony body. Who else wanted to see Naomi smoke that joint and chop her leg off? Seriously, wasn't she declaring her undying love to Max just a few weeks ago? Now she was scaling a mountain atop a steed while wearing an oversized, ridiculous cowboy hat for Howdy Doody? Next.

Liam was beyond psyched to cook a real Thanksgiving feast for his Beverly Hills crew and it was sweet how he wanted to do it because he basically wanted to recreate his childhood the way it should have been. But the poor boy's dream was crushed when scheming Mama made a surprise visit. Seeing her baby boy on billboards all over LA apparently got her money-grubbing heart beating a little faster and she made a beeline to the Bank of Liam. Thankfully Liam quickly sent her packing.

It was only fitting that Liam's big turkey dreams ended up with the gang sharing a big old bag of tortilla chips at Offshore. Hey, at least he was spending Turkey Day with his real family.

Annie continued her secretive relationship with Patrick, even though Silver was all over it. Silver tried setting Annie up with a teacher tailor-made for herself instead. At least Silver realized that and went for it. Good for her. Now Annie can continue her whorey side-gig and Silver can stop festering over Navid.

And, finally, Dixon continued his quest to be Adrianna's new beau. I liked the fact that Adrianna could see Dixon was basically just replacing one obsession (ADHD meds) with another (her). The boy just couldn't get it together enough to realize he just had to come clean and admit his problem to the world. And how beautiful it was when he did. Happy Thanksgiving MFers!

I never liked Dixon more.

Smoked Turkey Review

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