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Going into tonight’s episode, I thought the double meaning of "American Girl" was going to be a lot of fun to watch, seeing as it applied to both Harry’s constitutional rights as an American and to Leigh having lived with her adopted parents for the last four years in America.

I was wrong. Watching Adam and Cassie fight for the birth parents of Leigh was heart wrenching. It was well performed, but painful. Adam was right when he said “No matter how you rule there will be a lot of pain," but who knew he'd also be speaking about the audience?

Adam in Court

Wait, I take it back, watching Connor Bertram (Jordan Wall from The Glades) kicking Oliver’s ass in court on his very first trial was enjoyable, as was Harry threatening to mistake the police officer for a quail. While they didn’t fully offset the anguish and pain Adam and Cassie’s case induced, it helped.

Seriously though, I was as impressed with Connor as Harry was. Was anyone else shocked when she offered him a job? Do you think he knows that we can count the number of attorneys she has offered a job to on two fingers? 

When Chunhua walked in with the Chinese couple who had their daughter taken away because of China’s one child law, my first thought was Oh jeez, again... While the case was emotional, I was glad that David E. Kelley stuck to it being about what’s best for the little girl and didn’t get on his soapbox even once about the one child law.

That was because he saved all of his soapbox dancing for the other story line.

I know going into Harry’s Law that Kelley is going to work in a social message of some sort every week. You can usually pick it out by what Harry goes on a rant about. This week actually pushed the soapbox preaching to 11. Its become so prevalent that I considered making a drinking game out of it, but realized I would be so hammered I couldn't type. 

We get it; the economy is in the crapper. Yes, we know that outsourced jobs have contributed to the economy. Yes, we know a lot of people are loosing homes, and are unhappy. But did you really need to beat us over the head with it for the better part of the hour?

I was really hoping to enjoy George Wendt as Mayor Franklin Chickory. But we had to listen to him justify why he enacted a “buy American” ordinance in the city regarding cars. Clearly Kelley was trying to make the most a plausible but ridiculous policy that would allow him to spew his thoughts on the state of the economy and our international trade policies. 

Putting aside the fact that it would be impossible to get an ordinance like this active without bankrupting the city, given they would only get it approved by offering to assist anyone with a foreign car switch, certainly they would have had some sort of grace period for non-residents or have just told Harry to turn around.

Back off the soapbox, it looks like Chunhua is making a return. Maybe Adam will mention to her what happened with Rachael. That would be refreshing, wouldn't it?

American Girl Review

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