Modern Family Review: Manny Get Your (Taser) Gun

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Ho Ho... Hold up! Phil Dunphy found a way to save Christmas this week. In "Express Christmas," we watched as America's favorite Modern Family threw together a celebration in a matter of hours.

Naturally, I expected shenanigans to ensue, but the one thing I never expected was to shed a little tear. Jay Pritchett may use a lot of tape to wrap his gifts up tightly, just like his emotions, but the guy has still got heart. That fake snow was the one thing I didn't see coming and it was a beautiful gesture.

But let's not get into Jay's soft spot for the adorable Frenchie Stella, because then I will start in with how much I want to steal her!

Present Wrapping!

Everyone has a special talent within their family and the Dunphy/Pritchetts divided up to perfection. I would personally like to invite Cam to my family's Christmas Eve celebration. He can wrap all of the gifts we leave until last minute and my mom won't be the only one in a hideous Christmas sweater.

I don't know if he's ready yet, though. Let it scab Jay, let it scab.

Alex and Mitchell never realized what a perfect duo they really are. We finally know who Alex takes after! Props to Lily's one line after Alex's tirade against the tree guy: "I have two Daddys." I think Mitchell was equally mortified and proud in that moment.

The tree would've made it if Gloria wasn't such a lunatic driver. Who the hell decided it was okay for Luke to get in the car with her? Then again, Luke was terrifying Manny to the point of paranoia all day, so I supposed he deserved some punishment.

My two favorite parts of the episode, not counting the tear-inducing snow scene, were Phil's explanation of Craigslist's shadiness before Manny tasered him and Haley working her magic at Target. Claire and Haley are learning how to play to each other. Claire knew if she encouraged Haley that Haley would put all of her heart - and some of her boobs - into the task at hand. I really want to know how she got that Target employee shirt, don't you?

Of course, Christmas stories were always designed to teach some sort of lesson and tonight's Modern Family was no exception. Sometime we try too hard to make things perfect and that's when they go awry. Mitchell and Claire's mother may have ditched them via voicemail and newsletter, but the family around them was still pretty amazing. Besides, Gloria is somehow way saner than Shelley Long.

Hit the comments, check out the best quotes and have a happy holiday!!

Express Christmas Review

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