Being Human Review: Welcome, Nora, I'm Sorry You're Here

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Life changed again for Sally, Aidan and Josh on "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me."

Josh unwittingly brought Nora into their triangle, so they're more of a square now, but I like her addition in the supernatural realm. Some others we met during the episode? Not so much...

Sally and Aidan

Sally has new friends in her sandbox. Stevie taught Sally to sleep. While hanging out with teenage boys, Sally learned how to take over human bodies and when she was finally successful it went off like an orgasm. As she begged to understand their boundaries, Stevie warned that she might be asking for more than she could handle. When she realized she tried the spectral equivalent of crystal meth and was in way over her head, she almost lost herself.

We've seen how difficult Aidan's journey has been to ween himself off of live feeding, and I can imagine Sally turning to him for help to break what is sure to become an addiction. Even though her experience ended poorly, the high she felt while partaking of her new "drug" is sure to draw her back. Meaghan Rath's portrayal of feeling goosebumps again gave them to me. I'm not sure I could or would give up that amazing feeling of being alive.

Josh and Nora have a lot of hurdles in their relationship. How fortuitous was it that Nora spent the night doing what werewolves do and, on her first night out, managed to cover her nakedness under a pile of leaves in someone's back yard? Even Josh hasn't mastered that aspect of the change and awakens bare-assed wherever he switches back to his human side.

Poor Josh really had no idea he had scratched Nora. She was hardly subtle in bringing the topic up over and over again, but he wanted to keep that part of his life separate from his relationship with her. I think her hope that maybe, just maybe, it wasn't true kept her from telling him the awful truth. If nothing else, it seems like they don't have to worry about breaking up. Having each other to lean on will surely provide some sort of creature comfort. I know, bad pun.

Needless to say, Nora was having an incredibly difficult time dealing with what she has become, and took to ranting out loud in public places about what they are. Their attendance at the medical school mixer was a horrible disaster, but I don't think they will be down for long. I have hope that it will be fun to see them work together as a couple as they learn to get through it.

I bet Aidan wishes he hadn't killed Bishop. Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse) joined the cast as Mother's daughter, Suren. Not that you could have known that right after she was dug up. Yikes!

Suren and Aidan have a very deep history, but it was only lightly touched upon. It was because of what happened to her 80 years earlier that he stopped drinking live blood. They tossed out little vignettes of the past, giving as little detail as possible. 

The brief flashes of who they were didn’t help me determine past association. By the way Suren looked at Aidan, like she was undressing him with her eyes, perhaps we can surmise they were lovers. Really, who wouldn't have wanted to be lovers with Aidan through the years? Very few women, I think. Whatever happened to her was enough to keep Aidan from turning anyone for the past 80 years, but she seems over it.

Funnily enough, Aidan’s storyline is the only one that  reminds me of the other multi-demonational success, True Blood; very dark and plagued by hierarchy. I don’t know if I like it as much now that Bishop is gone. Mother doesn’t infuse her power with humor, and she brings things down. As much as the Kings and Queens can reign terror on True Blood, they do it with dripping sarcasm, so you can't help but feel closer to them.

It’s only the second episode of the second season. Sally finally has some great things to explore outside the house and a girlfriend she can talk to in Nora. Nora and Josh are keeping us busy learning to be a were-couple, and I have faith that the Mother/Daughter business will work it self out with Aidan on top. Ummm...that sounds naughty, just as it should!

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me Review

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I'm sorry. I get really nervous around bad news and I just have to eject as soon as possible.


Nora: I had no idea you were so were so beautiful.
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Nora: I'm a wolf.