New Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: WWDD?

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What will Dan do?

That is the question surrounding this new clip from the 100th episode of Gossip Girl, and while the answer is far from clear, this should nevertheless come as a welcome surprise to Dair Nation.

After Nate calls Chuck on the day of the wedding, Mr. Bass insists his plans for the day do not involve going anywhere near the main event ... but implies that someone else may well sabotage the ceremony.

That being Daniel Humphrey himself, who is walking side-by-side with Nate as he's on the phone. His response to that accusation is certainly not one of incredulity or denial. What's he up to?! Let the speculation begin.

We know Blair makes it to the altar and that Dan is up there with the wedding party (see earlier sneak preview clip) and that it may not end well (see photos from the February 6 episode). Beyond that ... you tell us.

Check out the clip below and comment with your theories:

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