One Tree Hill Round Table: "In The Room Where You Sleep"

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Nathan Scott and Alex Dupre made decisions to leave town during the latest installment of One Tree Hill.  We reviewed the episode in detail Wednesday night.

Now it's time for panelists Nick McHatton, Miranda Wicker, Brian Shure, and Dan Forcella to answer questions about Mouth packing on the pounds, trusting Chris Keller and more in this week's One Tree Hill Round Table.

Read their answers below and then sound off with your own in the comments...


What was the best moment of the episode?
Nick: I love the witty banter Victoria and Ted share, but I'm going with my favorite character again: Brooke. Her speech to Victoria that no matter how terrible her parents are she's still willing to give them a multitude of second chances, she is still willing to share her family, love, and success with all for some microscopic of it in return.

Miranda: The best moment of the episode once again goes to Brooke and Julian. The writers are doing a great job of injecting humor into the lives of first-time parents in a way that we didn't get to see with Haley and Nathan since we skipped that part of their lives. Having them wake up in a panic because they'd been able to sleep is all too real for first time parents. Then to have Victoria, Mommy Dearest herself, in the kitchen minding the babies like the mom she doesn't seem to have been with Brooke was just great.

Brian: The best moment in my opinion was when Chase walks in on Chuck and Chris Keller jamming in the studio. Chuck goes from bashing Keller to emulating him by talking in the third person.

Dan: I couldn't agree with Brian more on this.  Chuck and Chris singing was hilarious.  Then when the kid was so excited that Chris Keller called him buddy!!!  Also, Chuck singing the jingle to himself later on was also fantastic.

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What was your first impression of the new Marvin McFadden?
Nick: My first thought was "they've truly run out of story to tell for Marvin." Yet, I still love his character and his relationship with Millicent - I'm in.

Miranda: The Mouth-has-gained-weight storyline is totally lame. When I read the spoiler that he'd put on 60 pounds, I thought "Oh, maybe Millie's pregnant and he's gaining sympathy weight! That'd be funny." But then this is what we get? LAME. First, I don't buy that no one at work would say anything to him. Second, it's just LAME. It's a way to give screen time to  Mouth, a characters we love, in the final season, but I can't see any way they're contributing to the overall plot of the show with this bloated (pun intended) storyline.

Brian: Marvin's old nickname "Mouth" now fits for an entirely different reason. Not exactly sure how much he's actually changed other than the fact that he eats a lot more now. Not exactly the most interesting storyline.

Dan: I actually love it.  Mouth is a character I have never enjoyed, and now at least he's bringing some comedy to the table.  That bit where he told Millie that there would be a spot on the couch for her when she got back from her run?  Brilliant.  He's so over the top out of the loop on what is going on with his life that it works.

Do you care about what is going on with Clay and Quinn?
Nick: Quinn doesn't bring much to the table other than crying on command. Clay is at least slightly interesting, but only because he can find a merry go round anywhere.

Miranda: I can't decide if I care what's happening to Clay and Quinn right now. Again--it's a bloated cast. I care less about these characters anyway since they haven't been there since the beginning. I think I'd care more if they'd come up with something more serious than sleepwalking. I mean, I get that this is a scary thing and he's waking up in random places, but I don't understand his reluctance to take something to help him sleep at night. 

Brian: Not in the slightest, the two most boring characters on the show, the entire storyline is terrible. The only redeemable part of the entire plot is Jamie Scott's "Clay's a werewolf" line.

Dan: Honestly, they never should have added these characters to the cast.  They should have focused the final few seasons on the cast we already grew to love, and not forced us to pay attention to these two.  

Alex is going on tour. Is it smart to take advice from Chris Keller?
Nick: Chris Keller did find success, and it truly looked like he only wanted to help Alex further her career.

Miranda: Chris Keller can't trust Chris Keller. Alex shouldn't either. He's already played this game once, and while he lost that round to Nathan I cannot foresee this ending well for Chase.

Brian: Probably not. He definitely has something up his sleeve, but if Alex is making her career top priority then she's not exactly making the wrong decision. At least she was smart enough to get Julian's advice as well.

Dan: Wait, why did she quit acting again?  Wasn't she a gigantic movie star?  Oh yeah, the drug problem.  Going on tour is exactly the atmosphere she should put herself in with that issue right?  I don't think so.

What are Dan's motives by planting himself in Nathan's house?
Nick: It is so hard to know what exactly Dan is planning. He watched his Diner burn to the ground with Chris Keller so he's clearly up to something. Is his heart giving out again? Is this him wanting to make amends, again? Only time will tell.

Miranda: Dan. Oh, Dan. You are one sneaky, conniving bastard. I think it's too early to tell what, exactly, his plan is, but you can bet it isn't good.

Brian: I didn't exactly see it coming (even though I should have), but Dan Scott is definitely up to something. In the end I think all he wants is for his family to give him another chance, however Nate won't let that happen. Dan is certainly scheming on how to get around that right now, things are going to get awfully interesting in the Scott household while Nate is gone. 

Dan: You three are a bunch of worriers.  He just wants access to the beautiful swimming pool.  Dan Scott likes to take a dip every once in a while.

Dan Forcella is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.

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