Happy Endings Review: Sweet Little Lies

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I tend to shy away from watching shows that increase my anxiety level, (I'm looking at you Housewives franchise), so when we first met Debbie on tonight's Happy Endings I was thinking: "Oh crap" is this the first episode I'm not gonna love? But my fears were placated as "Big White Lies" got underway and the lies started flowing.

Can I just ask why Penny, Alex and Jane's childhood friend was dressed like she was a 65-year old grandma? Aren't they all the same age? Then again, she did act like an overbearing mother with her constant questioning and pushing forward. I was like seriously, back it up lady!

Ben Falcone on Happy Endings

How great do Dave and Max look in glasses by the way? Just throwing that out there.

I'd be lying if I said I'd never told a lie to get out of plans with a friend. Please don't judge me, I'm pretty sure you probably have too. The thing is, it's not mutually exclusive that in order to be the nice friend you have to lie to avoid hurting feelings. Penny should've just sucked it up and gone to tea one time, Debbie would've probably backed off after that. People usually try harder at something if it seems like a challenge. 

I knew Jane would break first. Technically it was Jane and Brad simultaneously, but Jane just doesn't have the capacity to be fake for that long. Recall last week when she tried being nice to the building's tenants? That didn't last very long. She probably wouldn't have gone along with the lie at all if not for Max's convincing argument. Do Jane and Brad love to be the center of attention? Ummm yeah. 

Can you imagine them as parents? Yes one day, but I'm glad that they don't feel the need to rush like every other 30-something on TV. Get the lakehouse! Rock that vacation home!

Weirdly, I was surprised that when Penny and Alex had to split up that Alex went to Dave and Max's apartment. Wouldn't she have gone to her sister's and not her ex boyfriend's? Then again, Alex and Max would probably throw the best slumber party. I don't honestly remember all that much about Three's Company aside from the theme song, but I could totally picture Alex and Max dressed up as Jack and Chrissie riding that bicycle. 

Another person whose intense anxiety-provoking personality I thought might ruin the episode? Darren the landlord. What a cockblocking creepsauce. He improved a lot once he started salsa dancing with Alex after her brief trip to play for the other team. She did a great Ellen impression, huh? Nailed the outfit and the dancing. 

Well, in the end, the two intense offenders ended up going for tea together. How's that for a perfect sitcom wrap up? 

Have you guys ever lied to a friend to avoid plans? Were you entertained by everyone's lies? Don't forget to check out our favorite Happy Endings quotes of the week and hit the comments! 

Big White Lies Review

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Happy Endings Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Penny: The only people who can get away with being mean are rockstars or brain surgeons or Mr. Phil.
Jane: I think you mean Dr. Phil.
Penny: C'mon it's a PHD. Everybody calm down.

Check it out, the trash can stove. Or as I call it, the "trove."