In Plain Sight Review: Semi-Hostile Teasing

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"Reservations, I've Got a Few" gave us something I didn't think I'd ever see…Mary on horseback. Even though her riding wasn't very pretty, her snarky comments were right on target.

On a Indian Reservation

As Marshall and Eddie spoke on the balcony I figured Eddie was going to try and escape. What I didn't see coming was how damn good at it he'd be. Mary wasn't kidding when she said he had super Spidey powers. That jump off the roof was impressive.

Then he stole Delia's newly paid off car for his escape and to add insult to injury, he torched it. That just wasn't nice.

I didn't quite realize how serious the situation was for Marshall until they started referencing his career. Yeah, this could have been bad but couldn't somebody cut him a break. I mean the guy literally jumped off a roof. Who would have seen that coming?

But Stan had Marshall's back. You really can't put a price on loyalty. He even called in a favor from Campbell, and Delia noticed.

I loved how they've been building Delia's character this season. Yes, she's still perky to a fault, but don't mistake that for ditzy. She not only deduced that their office might be on the chopping block she also had the guts to confront Stan about it.

What I loved even more was that her brother works in Homeland Security and she had to agree to take over Thanksgiving dinner to get a favor out of him. Isn't that just the way family works?

Where in last week's episode Mary was forced to bring baby Norah into work, this week it was Mark's turn to bring his daughter on the job. In a funny twist, Norah not only assisted him in closing a major deal but also helped him pick up chicks. Who knew a six month old could have so many uses?

Mark was right when he told Mary they needed help but I completely understood Mary's reluctance to hire a someone to take care of her child. How will she ever be able to trust a stranger that much, especially with all she's seen? But as Mark pointed out…

Mark: You have gun. I'm from New Jersey. We will grill these people. | permalink

So very true. Anyone who can survive this interview process will deserve the job.

Marshall melted my heart this episode. First he looked so damn cute talking to Abigail both on the phone and at home at the end of a horrible day, I found it hard not to root for them as a couple. Abigail is good for Marshall.

But then I adored his banter with Mary. As he explained in another entertaining In Plain Sight quote, it's when she was nice that he knew he was screwed.

Marshall: That's when I know I'm up a creek when you go from semi-hostile teasing to openly supportive. | permalink

Agreed. That's never a good sign but thankfully it didn't last long. Semi-hostile teasing saved the day.

Marshall's continued concern over Mary's well being was really touching. Now that she's a mom he's become downright protective and even if Mary swore she didn't need it, it was really sweet.

One more In Plain Sight down and as I enjoy each episode more and more I lament that this is the final season with these wonderful characters.

Reservations, I've Got a Few Review

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