Pretty Little Liars Review: A View from Above

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Another new character and another new mystery. Pretty Little Liars deepened the plot this week, and a mere two episodes before the season concludes.

"Eye of the Beholder" was both fun and frustrating. There was just enough drama to keep me glued to the TV, but not enough action to make me completely satisfied with the episode. That seems to be a pretty common occurrence for this show mostly because its success is built around keeping secrets.

Toby and Jenna

BUT we did get to some insight into Alison's final days. Apparently, she was spending a lot of time with a boy named Duncan. Although they met while she was disguising herself as Vivian, their flying excursions helped Ali remove the multiple masks she wore and just enjoy being high above everything that bothered her. It's hard to imagine Ali not scheming away at some high school intrigue or orchestrating dramatic scenes like a classic mean girl.

However, this gave us a chance to see just how deeply affected she was by the harassing messages from A (or Melissa???).

It was disappointing that Duncan offered only a little bit of real information about the mystery surrounding her death and disappearance. So she got to Rosewood early... and then what? Did she really go to that Rosewood concert in the gazebo? Was she meeting someone?

No answers yet, but Duncan did say that she figured something out during her time at Hilton Head. Maybe this newly acquired knowledge was the reason for her murder.

Meanwhile, Jenna and Toby returned and stirred up all sorts of emotional turmoil for Spencer. Spencer tried to talk to her ex, but he was clearly still upset about their breakup. In between staring longingly at Toby and trying to find some useful clues in Ali's stuff, Spencer managed to be flirting with Wren (again!). If she wants to be so friendly with Wren, she shouldn't be so upset when Toby acts coldly to her.

Spencer's obviously confused by Toby's sudden helpfulness towards his step-sister (weren't we all?!?), but I thought it was arrogant to think this development was all because of their split. Toby knows who Jenna is; he's been manipulated by her enough over the years. Maybe he doesn't have all the information he needs to see the danger, but who's fault is that?

Also, I think the girls are always a little too quick to forget that they actually did some damage to Jenna. They blinded her. It's true that they didn't actually pull the trigger on the prank that led to her condition, but they were just as responsible. Toby was right to remind Spencer that Jenna does deserve some sympathy. She definitely shouldn't be trusted, though.

Jenna also shouldn't be so trusting. Someone lured her to Jason's house and trapped her inside with a raging fire. The fire was clearly meant to mimic the one that stole her vision, but who is trying to hurt Jenna?

We have a number of suspects. Garrett was seen driving quickly away from Jenna's house just before the girls got a mysterious fire-related message from A. However, the final scene - showing A dropping an incriminating badge - might mean that Garrett is being set up to take the fall. Jason claimed to be hours away from the house when the cops called him, but have we ever trusted Jason completely? Mona was also peeved that Jenna took Noel away from her, and where has Noel been these few episodes?

And in other news, Ezra finally popped up in this episode just to say that he isn't taking that job in New Orleans. Ezria fans rejoice! Ezra won't be scared away, and things seem a little less hopeless for the couple.

Eye of the Beholder Review

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