The Good Wife Review: Let's Talk About Sex

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"Long Way Home" was filled with sex. Well, not the actual act itself but no one could stop talking about it as its consequences infused every storyline.

Dylan Baker returned as Colin Sweeney but this time instead of defending him against murder charges Alicia was leading his fight against sexual misconduct. Knowing Colin Sweeney, did anyone think he wasn't guilty?

Return of Colin Sweeney

Morena Baccarin guest starred as Isobel, an ex-employee who accused Sweeney of having sex with her before he fired her. I normally love Baccarin but this role fell a little flat for me. Despite the subject matter, her character seemed to be having the least amount of fun.

And in spite of the serious charge of sexual harassment, this case was fun in ways I never expected. Not in my wildest dreams had I thought I'd hear Diane, David Lee, and Alicia debate the merits of the turkey baster defense. Poor Diane looked mortified. From the glory of the law to a turkey baster. How much lower could they go? 

Never ask that question when Colin Sweeney is involved.

Alicia found herself with a client that couldn't seem to stop himself from lying. First he swore he never touched her. They never had real sex. Of course that didn't negate oral sex which they had five times and at least once in a bathroom stall. Ah, the romance.

Sweeney's lies on the stand led to one of my favorite scenes and surprisingly it had nothing to do with sex. It was between Will and Alicia. The entire conversation had to be done in hypotheticals since Will's suspended. Could she use perjured testimony to help her client if at the time it was given she didn't know it was perjury? 

Watching these two brilliant minds wrestle with these complex questions of law and strategies was fascinating but it led me to the same conclusion as Alicia. The law is an odd thing.

Over at D.A.'s office the word on the blogosphere was that it was a hotbed of sex in the workplace. It looked like this time around Peter may have been the only one not getting any. 

Cary had the unenviable job of investigating the gossip only to find that a supervisor and subordinate had had sex at work...or to be more specific, on Peter's office couch. 

I was proud of Cary that he came forward and confessed his relationship with Dana to Peter. He's got two saving graces here. First, Peter likes and respects him. Second, he didn't do the deed on the boss' sofa. That may mean the difference between a reprimand and termination.

Back at Lockhart Gardner, or whatever they're calling it these days, I was surprised by Caitlin's departure. Even more shocking was that I think I'm going to miss her. Kudos to the actress and the storytelling for making me care about a character I didn't give a hoot about when she first showed up.

At least Caitlin's story showed one more side of sex. The type with love and can create a happy family. I liked her response to Alicia. She didn't feel the need to prove anything. She liked the law and she's good at it but she wanted to be a mom right now and that's OK.

Of course Alicia was at the other end of that road. Hopefully Caitlin will avoid that wrong turn. 

Alicia's tour through her old home was both hopeful and heartbreaking. It reminded me that at one time she, Peter and the kids were probably a happy family before it all fell apart.

Should she buy the house and make it entirely hers? Is that a step backward or forwards? Personally I think I'd move on but the marks on the wall where the kids grew up were compelling. 

One of the most intriguing things about Alicia Florek is that I can never seem to completely get inside her head so I have no idea what she'll do next. 

From beginning to end I found this episode wacky, weird, and thoroughly entertaining. How about you?

Long Way Home Review

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