GCB Review: Spicy Racks and Juarez

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"Adam & Eve's Rib" wasn’t the most entertaining episode of GCB. Excluding two big character and plot developments, it was mostly filler, rearranging deck chairs as the show heads towards Juarez next week.

GCB Cook-Off

The biggest character developments were about the women themselves. Although they are considered the main characters, a lot of what they do is tied to their husbands. That’s not a bad thing, but for most of the show they and their plots have been stuck squarely in their stereotypical gender roles. The barbecue competition gave them a chance to spread their wings a little bit and begin to realize their own value and importance within their community and families.

While we all know Cricket has been able to juggle both sides of the coin, for Carlene and Sharon, going against their husbands is not something that goes across their radars very often.

Amanda is probably the best person we have towards getting to know the thoughts and reasons why many of the women act the way they do. She was under that same illusion at one time before her husband got blown to death.

Her conversation with Gigi emphasized this because she knows how easy it is just to take a back seat and let someone else make all of your decisions, while you just lay back enjoy the ride while it lasts.

That said, the difference between Sharon and Carlene’s husbands was that Zach eventually came to understand and value Sharon’s point of view tonight, instead of keeping her in the backseat. Ripp continued to defy Carlene and her Christian Condo dreams.

Naturally, Ripp’s reasons are still shrouded in secrecy, but it seems all roads lead to Juarez. I’m just speculating here but it looks to involve just about all of the main families. Ripp is poking all around Amanda and her past with her husband, and he has Luke investigating things in Juarez already.

The only question now is will the Condos still have that water park?

Other thoughts:

  • It seems Cricket’s marriage is finally showing some cracks. It can’t be easy on her, especially when Blake is off getting his physical needs met and she’s forced to keep up the lie. Yes, she goes to Pilates and Karate, but how much longer will those last before she gets her very own “foreman?”
  • Carlene crawling through the doggy door was easily one of the best scenes of the night.
  • Tonight’s quote winner is:
    Amanda: Can you go to hell for hating somebody?
    Pastor: I hope not. I really, really hope not. Really. | permalink

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Adam & Eve's Rib Review

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You're in my thicket in the middle of the night.


Amanda: Can you go to hell for hating somebody?
Pastor: I hope not. I really, really hope not. Really.