South Park Review: Anonymous Andy Takes a Load Off in San Diego

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This week's episode of South Park, "Butterballs," was absolutely brilliant. It featured that perfect mixture of elements that make for a fantastic half hour: pointed social commentary, along with plenty of ludicrous over-the-top moments.

This installment took the two-pronged approach of satirizing both the upcoming documentary Bully and KONY 2012, especially the controversy around the films and the well-publicized meltdown of one of the latter's creators. Stan ended up creating an anti-bullying film that helped bring attention to himself, while Butters tried to muster the courage to face his unlikely bully, while also becoming the face of Stan's campaign.

Stan Produces a Video

I especially loved the recurring elements. Every time the episode wound up with a bullying situation with a locked bathroom door, I only laughed even harder as the situations grew more ridiculous.

Every character driving the creation of the film showed that even people with good intentions can be flawed. While it became apparent that each time someone of power came along, he/she would act like a bully, it only got funnier because, well, it just kept happening.

That's the thing about this week's episode: its strength was in those inane moments. A grandma bullying her grandson? An extended musical sequence that featured Cartman dressing up as a female singer talking about her "vajayjay" that has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the sequence? Butters beating up a famous talk show host? It was all absurrd, and it will likely stand up well out of context when KONY 2012 and Bully are all just asides in the Wikipedia article about 2012.

It all culminated in an absolutely fantastic musical end sequence. Take a load off in San Diego, indeed. (Based on what I've seen of San Diego when I've been there for the last couple Comic-Cons, the locales were actually fairly accurate as well).

That was just the cherry on the hilarious sundae because while it all makes sense when aware of the real-world context, it's still just laugh-out-loud ridiculous. This was the funniest episode of the show so far this season. Visit our South Parks quotes section now and see if you agree!

Butterballs Review

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South Park Season 16 Episode 5 Quotes

Stan: Dude, did a bully take your lunch money again week?
Butters: Yeah.
Stan: That's the third day in a row, you gotta tell a teacher.
Butters: Nah, I'm not a tattle-tale.
Stan: Then write the principal an anonymous letter.
Butters: Nah, I'm not an Anonymous Andy.
Clyde: So just get a bigger bully to beat the bully up.
Butters: Nah, I don't want kids calling me kids calling me a cliche conflict resolution Kevin.

No no no, I'm telling you guys, music videos have devolved to nothing but pretty girls, wearing skintight clothes, singing about their vajayjay. Used to be chicks talking about relationships, now it's all my vajayjay this, my vajayjay that. But clearly that's what sells.