The Mentalist Review: Rising From The Ashes

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If Patrick Jane spent most of the last episode of The Mentalist searching for the bad kids in high school, he spent most of his time in "Ruby Slippers" chasing down one very unique witness.

One thing about Glenda's story sounded off to me from the beginning. It was the fact that she said the missing heel was hers. Once she claimed she was wearing that bright blue, sequined gown in the alley, I was perplexed as to why she'd have ruby red shoes on. Glenda had better style than that and I simply couldn't get that out of my head.

Jane Investigates At a Cabaret

But even with that thought, the ending still surprised me. I never expected Archie to still be alive. They had a charred body and matching dental records for goodness sake. Who would think it wasn't him?

Having Glenda work at a funeral home and a dentist on hand tied it all together in a way that enable the far-fetched twist to make sense. 

The singing of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at the conclusion was a little over the top, though. Still, it allowed for a much more hopeful ending than I'd expected and I'm thankful because Lisbon was right, believing that Archie cuffed himself to a car and set himself on fire was entirely too gruesome and depressing a thought.

On a side note, did anyone else notice how jumpy Jane was in the alley in the beginning? Although it wasn't all that long ago that he ended up almost drowned when he went poking around by himself at a crime scene. Perhaps he's learned that asking Lisbon to cover him isn't such a bad idea.

I enjoyed this episode because everyone played their parts so well. Jane's interactions with the drag queens was perfect. Having grown up as a carnie, it made sense that Jane would be the most comfortable and accepting. 

Even Rigsby grew more comfortable as time went on and watching Glenda at CBI I couldn't help but think that she had better legs than most females that I know.

Speaking of Rigsby, I liked his quiet disgust when dealing with Rick. You could tell he just wanted to slap the guy at certain points in their conversation. His level of disgust was matched by Jane's feelings towards the father and his aggressive education techniques and Cho making sure the cuffs hurt as he arrested sleazy Gabriel.

And if Cho and Summer couldn't already be more adorable, they had to add puppies to the mix. Puppies! Loved it when Summer, in this The Mentalist quote, tried to convince Cho they needed Pug pup.

He's like you Kimball. He's all fierce on the outside and like a softy on the inside and he's got this squishy little face. | permalink

How could he resist that pitch?

But after all of the fun of having so many suspects that Lisbon thought they'd need to convert the janitor's closet into a holding area, I was thoroughly disappointed with one thing: How could they force Lisbon on stage during a drag performance and not show us what happened?!? Then they had Jane make a quip about flexibility and left it all to our meager imaginations. That was simply cruel.

With only three more episode left, what are you hoping to see before the season runs out?

Ruby Slippers Review

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