Scandal Star Kerry Washington Talks Twists, Teases Season Finale

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Who sent the tape? Is the First Lady behind everything? What's the story behind Olivia's team? Will Gideon survive?

It seems we've all been blown away by some of the revelations on Scandal's inaugural season. Even the stars of the show.

Leading lady Kerry Washington took some time out to chat with me about the season and Thursday's finale. If we think we've been shocked so far, Washington cautions us to hold on to our hats!

"In this week’s season finale, both Matt Letscher who plays Billy Chambers, and Bellamy Young, the First Lady, will astound you. For sure," she told me.

Read on to find out what she had to say about being Olivia, her favorite twist and season two...

Olivia Pope Picture

One of the thing that drew Washington to the character of Olivia Pope is the latter's many layers. When asked if she sees herself in Olivia, Washington replied "I'm an authentic person... but I understand that there are different kinds of ways of interacting with different kinds of people in our life. And most of us have that."

Washington continued, "You know, we have sort of a way that we confirm our identity on a first date and it's different from the way we confirm our identity on the first day of a new job."

So far this season we've seen Olivia take on a dictator and cry in a coat closet, but both sides are what make Olivia so real. Washington stated, "I have a real sense of that. Of being authentically myself but expressing that in different ways in different contexts."

Just like Washington promised in our last interview, nothing on this show is exactly as it seems. Everyone has secrets and no one is who the viewers think. Washington's favorite twist so far? "I think the Huck twist was one that really had a very profound impact on me emotionally. For me the whole show changed at that moment, my whole understanding of Olivia and the office and the world of the show."

Huck's story was definitely, in this reviewer's opinion, the most powerful of the season as far as the stories of the various members of Pope and Associates are concerned.

Washington went on to say: "[Huck's story] really made you understand how intensely enmeshed Pope and Associates are." The tone was set for "Crash and Burn" by Darby Stanchfield's Abby Whelan in the previous week. Washington said, "you could walk away from that episode thinking 'these two women have this very intense connection' but the Huck episode you went 'oh, this is kind of what it’s like at Pope and Associates.'"

Each of the characters have "these very intense histories with each other and their own intense relationships with crisis which is part of what makes them great at their job. When somebody walks in the door at Pope & Associates all of the associates are going to come at that with a sense of understanding and compassion because we’ve all had a worst moment that we’ve had to manage."

We also discussed the palpable chemistry between Olivia and President Fitz and the different fan reactions Washington has witnessed regarding this pairing.

"This is to date one of the great things of the show," Washington said. "Some people saw last week’s episode and said 'Now I really want Fitz and Olivia to be together.'" Others, however, "feel like this is 'a nightmare. This is not a man who understands what love is. He’s just hungry for power.'

"People have such really different, strong reactions to this relationship and that fascinates me. I think it’s great."

Finally, talked turned to Scandal being renewed for a second season, news cast members and fans alike had been eager to hear. Washington said, "It is so exciting! I feel really blessed. I’m excited to get back to work with my Scandal fam."

The Scandal season finale will air this Thursday at 10:00 p.m. on ABC.

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