Dallas Review: Crazier Than an Outhouse Rat

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The love quadrangle on Dallas has me spinning, as "The Last Hurrah" makes it clear that no one is getting out of this mess unscathed.

In a nutshell, Rebecca is in love with Christopher... who loves both her and Elena. Elena has feelings for both Christopher and John Ross and even John Ross seems truly smitten. In the end, everyone's hearts are on the line here and there's no way someone doesn't get hurt.

Rebecca's Secret

Unfortunately, it looks like Elena's the first victim. I'm fine with Christopher making a decision to stay with his wife but can't he just tell Elena he's not comfortable with them working together anymore and end it honestly?

Handing her that check was damn cold. Telling her she's untrustworthy because she's always been out to prove she's more than just the help's daughter? That was downright cruel. It's not as though Elena's pushing for more from him. He's the one who went to her for help on his project.

If he ever cared about her at all it seems he could have found a kinder way of distancing himself than to attack her character and self esteem. I suddenly think much less of Christopher.

On the flip side it looks like Rebecca fell in love with her mark. At this point I'm not sure if she's more scared of getting caught in her lies or that the consequences will lead her to lose Christopher.

And what is her and Tommy's end game here?  Two years is a pretty long con to be fishing and Christopher's patent could just as easily be worth nothing as it could a fortune. Tommy's searching through boxes hoping to find... what? What's the big payoff?!?

There's obviously an attraction between John Ross and Elena and I like how she stands up for him with his father. I wonder when John Ross' dyslexia was diagnosed. I find that little tidbit about his background rather fascinating. 

After this episode I might be rooting for a reconciliation between John Ross and Elena but just like his daddy, John Ross isn't about to turn down a beautiful woman. Little does he know what a nut case she is.

The scary part is that his father does, as J.R. noted in this Dallas quote:

 I'd say when it comes to jealousy our girl is crazier than an outhouse rat. | permalink

J.R. is setting up his son to be ambushed by a crazy woman and I'm not sure why. Given her previous penchant for knives, this dalliance with Marta might just get John Ross skinned. 

J.R. is right. John Ross didn't' exactly win the lottery when it came to parents. I'm surprised we haven't seen more of Sue Ellen up to now but I do find it amusing that she still has Cliff and J.R. buzzing around her. Some things don't change.

Of course it doesn't sound as though Christopher has shared a lot with Bobby over the last few years either. Bobby looked blindsided by the news that his son almost married Elena and isn't it funny how no one questions that it was John Ross who sent the e-mail.

The packing up of Southfork was sad and I wish we had gotten to see more family history during those scenes. I kept wondering if Jock's portrait was going to pop up somewhere.

So what will Rebecca really tell Christopher? Does John Ross plan to call her out at the barbecue? And what will John Ross do when he finds out Daddy's been keeping him close just to cut him out of the deal. John Ross can wait his turn. Now that's the J.R. I know and love.

The Last Hurrah Review

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I'd say when it comes to jealousy our girl is crazier than an outhouse rat.