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Welcome to the first-ever edition of the Dallas Round Table!

The new Dallas roared back to TV on Wednesday night more than two decades after the original series ended. With J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen returning and their kids all grown up and more than capable of causing their own trouble, did the Dallas premiere live up to the expectations of all the fans of the classic? And for those that never saw an episode of the original, did this version live up to the hype?

Our TV Fanatic Round Table of Jim Garner, Dan Forcella, Sean McKenna and Christine Orlando have gathered here to hash out whether Dallas deserves a place on your must-watch list.


What was your favorite scene?

Jim: I have to go with the opening credits. When that music kicked in I was taken back to being 10 years old, sitting with my mom and siblings in our living room watching Bobby and JR slug it out every week. I'm so glad they kept the music score.

Dan: My favorite scene was Elena and Rebecca sizing each other up just before the wedding. These two are in for some major cat fights, and as a red-blooded American male, I couldn't ask for more.

Sean: Honestly, everything with JR. The character is so cooly clever in his endeavors, from pretending to need the walker to even pretending he wasn't okay. The guy has so many tricks up his sleeve that I can't wait to watch him play his hand.

Christine: I agree with Jim about the music. It brought me right back, but my favorite scene was at the oil well when John Ross told Bobby in this Dallas quote: You don't think we're long past caring about Miss Ellie's precious little wishes. You don't 'dis Miss Ellie!  That's the moment I knew this was going to be really good.

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Can you picture Sue Ellen as governor?

Jim: Absolutely, once Sue Ellen quit drinking she was a force to be reckoned with. Not much has changed.

Dan: Sure. As a Dallas newbie, I don't know much about her yet, but she seems like she has the chops.

Sean: Sure. I mean we haven't really seen too much of her in the political world, but she seems like she'd be up to the task.

Christine: I can still remember the mousy lush and washed up beauty queen we met in the original. Of course, 13 seasons later, she had quit both drinking and J.R. and become a powerful business woman. I'm looking forward to her running for governor.

Any ideas on who sent Elena that e-mail?

Jim: I thought Annie might have done it right up until Rebecca and Tommy turned out to be con men who have been working Chris for two years. So one of the Sutters, Rebecca or Tommy sent it to get the ball rolling.

Dan: With every twist and turn we saw in just the first two hours, I wouldn't be surprised no matter who sent the email. I will make a guess that it was Elena's mom.

Sean: I know who it is, but let's just say it's a great twist for when finally revealed. I mean, this is Dallas after all.

Christine: Sean has insider information? So not fair! Seriously, though, my guess is Rebecca or her brother but that means they've had lots of inside information. Whoever it is, I can't wait to find out.

Which twist surprised you the most?

Jim: That John Ross didn't send Elena the email... while not an intentional twist, him paying an investigator to find out who did shows a bit about how much he really does care about her.

Dan: Rebecca conning Chris. I should have seen that one coming, I know, but she seemed so sweet and innocent that she lulled me in just as she did Chris.

Sean: I'd agree about John Ross not sending the email. I mean everything seemed to fit perfectly that he would be the one and his character certainly seems like the type.

Christine: I'm with Dan. Rebecca conned me too but I should have known something was off when she volunteered to give up their honeymoon in Tahiti. What woman does that?

Did you think it lived up to the original?

Jim: Let's see... John Ross is attempting to cheat JR and Bobby out of Southfork; only JR is wise to him; and John Ross's partner in crime will now be blackmailing him - and that was only one storyline! YEAH, it lived up to the original.

Dan: Having never seen the original, but hearing about it time and time again, my expectations were as high as anyone's. This version of Dallas, with all of its twists and reveals, met those expectations.

Sean: While I'm new to the Dallas world but have a good grasp of the original series, I felt like as a show simply on its own, there's plenty of great drama and story just waiting to be explored. And I love that both the original and new characters have shared time to be explored and not simply just cameos. It's a great crossover and allows the show to work as something fresh and new with those older elements that made the show entertaining in the first place.

Christine: I was a huge fan of the original and thought this new version captured the fun and then some. The mix of new and old characters felt seamless.Plus it used all of that great history to create new, compelling stories. I couldn't have asked for more.

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