Lost Girl Review: There Will Only Be Me!

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"Death Didn't Become Him" introduced us to two of the creepiest Fae that we have met so far. These creatures set an almost horror film tone for the episode, which is not particularly to my liking.

The Cheeno was disgusting. Seriously, why would any being want to eat its own flesh? Gross! I didn't think there could be anything worse, but then came along the Lich. In order to defy death, he not only ate humans, but he resurrected corpses to feed his hunger for knowledge. The idea that the Lich could take corpses, control them, and absorb their energy was creepy. And, his disintegrating skin didn't help either.

Bo Looks For a Stolen Body

At least, the Kenzi-Hale-Tori storyline provided some comic relief from the gross Fae storyline. When Tori threw up all over Hale and he freaked out, it cracked me up. Kenzi and Hale are becoming a pleasant partnering to watch.

While this case-of-the-week was too much for me, it provided character moments that were some of my favorite of the series. For the first time ever, Dyson and Bo worked together without any inkling of their past personal feelings showing. They were friendly, but Bo didn't show any angst around Dyson. At the same time, Dyson didn't show any regret. While I miss their passion, I'm glad to see they have both moved on or at least are able to hide their feelings around each other.

While the passion was no longer there between Dyson and Bo, it was heating up between Bo and Lauren. With Nadia revealed and in the picture now, it seems like an odd time for Bo and Lauren to become closer than ever. They have made passionate love in the past, but now that Lauren's secret is out, their emotional connection is growing.

Bo's unwillingness to kill Lauren and her decision to sacrifice herself first went beyond her desire to live a morale life. She cares deeply for Lauren. That love gave her strength that she had never accessed before. And, that power was scary!

Did Bo reveal the power within her that Trick has feared? Bo's declaration after taking the Lich's power from his animated corpses was a threat. A threat to the Fae way of life.

Bo: I can be more powerful than all other Fae. Everyone will kneel at my feet. There will be no more Dark and no more Light. There will be only me. Rawwr. | permalink

What will Lauren do with this knowledge? Will she tell The Ash? Or, keep Bo's secret? Either way, I fear for Bo now that this power has been unleashed.

The Lich provided information that will help them save Nadia. The nail symbolizes that a curse, not an illness, is keeping Nadia in the coma. Now, Lauren and Bo have to find the piece of wood that is holding the curse and then they can save Nadia.

Bo and Lauren are being drawn closer together through their quest to save Nadia is potentially a problem. What will happen if they do save Nadia? Will Lauren go back to her girlfriend? Or, is her love for Bo that much stronger? At this point, I have to go with the later. Why else would Lauren passionately kiss Bo right in front of her comatose girlfriend?

Death Didn't Become HIm Review

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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Bo: So, we're looking for a flesh-eating Fae foody?
Dyson: Or his butcher?

Lauren: Look, if somebody that I slept with and care about told me that they had a girlfriend in a coma trapped inside a top secret facility run by a society of uber-humanoids called the Fae -- I'd think it was a blow off. I really need you to meet her.
Bo: Okay.