Jane By Design Review: Second Chances and Sacrifices

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If you were given a second chance, would you take it? Would you make a sacrifice to give that opportunity to someone you care about? Those were the questions that were answered on "The Back Up Dress"

Jane Tells Billy

Ever since Jane's mother returned, it was only a matter of time before Kate left again. In this instance, she didn't run away from responsibility and commitment, she ran towards it. As much as Jane needs her mother, Jane did the right thing by letting her mom go. Her mother was given the chance to find true happiness with Dakota, plus she wasn't abandoning Jane this time. Kate has succeeded where she failed before. Her and Jane should continue to have a healthy, though long distance, mother-daughter relationship.

The surprise was that Ben left Jane too. He made sacrifices for Jane after their father died and she couldn't let him give up his second chance. I was worried that Ben would find out their mother left and stay with Jane. That would have been a shame. Jane was a good and supportive sister by not telling him. It was a real sign of maturity in that moment.

Why does one person have to give up something for another person to have their dream? Ying and Yang? Rita finally decided to tell Ben that she still loved him, but she just couldn't tempt him to stay. Fingers crossed that Ben doesn't find someone else on the road, because he and Rita belong together.

Even Nick gave up his role in the play to save his friendship with Billy. In his case, he was paying a price for his actions with Lulu, but ultimately he put his friend first. Now, hopefully Zoe will take Billy back, since she is good for him. And, really, his mistake was very understandable. If she can't understand his reaction given what happened with Nick and Lulu, then she isn't worth it.

While we were hit over the head with the second chance and sacrifice themes, it worked. More than any other time, the characters moved forward in their lives. They each realized what was important to them and took a step forward whether for themselves or for someone they care about.

When Jane By Design focuses on the characters rather than Jane's two separate lives and her lie, it is a more entertaining and better show. The character changes made in these new episodes have been an improvement. I liked Jeremy, but Eli is a much better fit for Jane as a co-worker and romantic interest. And, Zoe is more likeable and provides a better contrast to Jane than Lulu ever did.

With only two episodes left this season, are you happy with the changes? And do you agree with the second chances taken and the sacrifices made?

I loved these interactions between Eli and Jane. Check out all our Jane By Design quotes.

Eli: You look like someone who doesn't have plans tomorrow night.
Jane: That's kind of insulting. | permalink
Eli: Oh and wear something nice.
Jane: Again, kind of insulting. | permalink

The Back Up Dress Review

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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Eli: Oh and wear something nice.
Jane: Again, kind of insulting.

Eli: You look like someone who doesn't have plans tomorrow night.
Jane: That's kind of insulting.