Supernatural Scoop: Live from Comic-Con!

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The Winchester brothers won't just be united on Supernatural Season 8, as teased during that show's panel discussion at Comic-Con on Sunday.

They also came together on the red carpet not long after taking the Hall H stage, as TV Fanatic chatted up stars Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles on the video line of this annual event.

What can fans expect this fall and going forward? Showrunner Jeremy Carver, along with a few other fan favorites, were also on hand to answer that question...


Jared Padalecki teased the biggest challenges for Sam and Dean in Season 8 in the form of women and Crowley.

Sam will be keen on the idea of sitting poolside and in the upcoming season, Jensen Ackles shared his thoughts on how that's going to play out.

New show runner Jeremy Carver discussed picking up the legacy of Supernatural where it left off and how he will leave his own mark on the series going forward.

Giving no indication that he knows where he ends and Crowley begins, Mark Sheppard dished that Crowley had always been the pinnacle of his own success and how he will face chasing after the same thing as the Winchesters.

Jim Beaver admitted he'd like the show much more if Bobby was on it. To find out what he had to say about having his moment of life after death, watch below!

Shown through a series of flashbacks, Ben Edlund explained we'll find start the season about a year in the future and find out how Dean got out of purgatory. Exploring Sam and Dean as mythical Demi-Gods is also on tap.

Supernatural will premiere on its new night, Wednesday, October 3 at 9/8c. Be sure to return for the latest reviews, news and round table discussions!

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