The Walking Dead Producer Teases "Haunted" Prison, Return of Merle and More

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We're pushing forward into new territory.

So Glen Mazzara tells TV Guide in a lengthy new interview that touches upon The Walking Dead Season 2 and previews The Walking Dead Season 3, which will premiere in either September or October.

What can viewers expect from the prison this fall? From the return of Merle? The introduction of The Governor? Read the full interview with Mazzara now and gather scoop from the following excerpts...

The Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere Pic

On the prison as a setting: The prison is a threatening presence in itself. The prison is a haunted house. The prison is not as safe as our group or the audience may want it to be. There is still a lot of danger always lurking within the prison and beyond the prison walls.

On the new zombie-killing Carl: We're interested in exploring Carl as a child soldier in this war against the walkers. He's no longer the young child who needs to be minded. That Carl is gone.

On Rick and Lori's relationship: Rick and Lori's major conflict is coming out of their guilt and grief over Shane's death. That is really a marriage in turmoil. I think that it'll be interesting to watch those two characters try to repair that marriage when the whole world has fallen apart around them.

On The Governor/Woodbury: Our Woodbury will be very recognizable to the fans of the comics. However, we are going to tell this story our way and make it our own.

On the return of Merle: No matter who Merle is with, he's always his own man. Michael Rooker is doing a great job of keeping this character our X factor. Merle's missing hand is his reminder of what Rick and his crew did to him. That's not something he'll ever forget.

The Walking Dead is headed to Comic-Con later this month. Expect plenty of information to be released then regarding Season 3, including a premiere date.

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