Wilfred Review: The Legend of Rex and Lady

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Wilfred is the best comedy of the summer, and "Control" was a perfect example of why. It wasn't the funniest episode of this second season, but there were so many humorous and interesting things going on during the half hour that it was tough not to smile throughout.

Sure, you have to enjoy the awkward or the dark, like every interaction between Amanda and Jenna, or Wilfred's entire affair with a drunken Bear, but that's what Wilfred is about. That's why we love it.

Wilfred Makes a Promise

Wilfred's long-winded tale about Rex and Lady was absolutely hilarious. The way that Jason Gann worked in the old "this story is actually about me" bit was perfect. I never saw it coming, and because neither Wilfred nor Ryan made a big deal about his mess up, the joke was even funnier. Calling back to it later on with Drew missing his Lady put the whole thing over the top.

At the end of his story though, Wilfred made the point to Ryan that "You can't control relationships. You have to let things happen naturally." Of course Ryan didn't understand that concept until the end of the episode, and thank God, because his lack of understanding made for quite a few hilarious situations.

Attempting to force Jenna and Amanda into a friendship seemed to only make them hate each other more. Yeah, Wilfred jumping on the latter, which revealed that she wasn't a dog person, was the main cause for their disagreements, but Ryan was still acting as a puppeteer in all of it.

The fights between the two ladies were so fun to watch and Ryan attempting to clean up the mess by stacking lies on top of lies was so interesting. His excuse that Amanda was bit on the butt by a great dane was only topped by the desperation on his face when uttering "maybe we should go for ice cream or something" when he saw it all falling apart in front of him.

It took the entire night for Amanda to forgive dogs in general, and it was because our boy Wilfy snuggled up to her on the bed. Really, Wilfred probably would have been able to help her get over her issues sooner if it weren't for that alcoholic, Bear.

Between Bear throwing the bottle of pumpkin kale ale at the wall, Wilfy carrying the drunk out onto the deck and Bear stealing the button off of Amanda's jacket, it was a wild night for everybody's favorite stuffed animal.

Every time they brought Bear's problem back up it was hilarious, but none of it was as good as Wilfred beating up on himself for not being clever enough with his jokes. The word play with "bit in the ass" and "caught with your pants down" are exactly the type of joke you would see on television, and say to yourself that's terrible writing. The genius of this show is that they pick up on things like that, twist them around, and make them funny.

All in all, "Control" was yet another great episode in this fantastic second season of Wilfred. According to David Zuckerman, executive producer, next week's chapter is the funniest yet. It will have to be an all-time knee slapper to top "Letting Go," but I'm certainly excited none-the-less.

What did you think of this week's Wilfred? Was it one of your favorites or a let down this season? Who do you want to see Ryan with; Chemistry Dork? Or Squishy Tits? And who is gonna drink all of that Pumpkin Kale Ale for Drewbeedoobeedoo?

Check out all of the best lines from the season in our Wilfred quotes section, and then sound off in the comments!

Control Review

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You can't control relationships. You have to let things happen naturally.


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