Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "The Khan Game"

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table!

Pull up your virtual chair, TV Fanatics, as staff members Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez, Christina Tran, Nick McHatton and Carissa Pavlica gather around below to dissect "The Khan Game." What were the best moments? The most anticlimactic moments? Where do we go from here?

Read on. Find out. Chime in.


Anti climatic or exciting: The stamp on Maya's wrist was from a Khan party?
Leigh: Both. Who the hell has a bouncer at their high school party? Then again, this is PLL and the Kahn brothers are shady. I'd bet money that shadier stuff goes down at a Kahn party than a game of Truth.

Teresa: Anti-climactic, but it holds some promise. I thought it might be some mysterious underground club thing, but I can't wait to see if there are some more sordid details about Maya's time at these parties.

Christina: I'm going with the former. There's got to be more going down than just a not so friendly game of Truth or Dare.

Nick: As always this is PLL. I'm sure there's something more going on.

Carissa: The amount of arrogance at the party was embarrassing. From special stamps (at a house party?!) to Jenna acting like queen bee, I wanted to cringe for them all.

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Did you think we learned anything useful from playing the Khan Game?
Leigh: Jenna and Noel know more about Emily's night then they've confessed to. Other than that, everything else seemed like stuff we knew.

Teresa: There was some helpful information, but not exactly any earth-shattering revelations. But I think the true purpose of that game was to see the bitchy back and forth between Spencer and Jenna...and to see how catty Noel can really be. And that was quite successful!

Christina: Jenna and Noel are clearly changing their relationship status. Also, CeCe's got ducklings now.

Nick: I'm with Leigh on this one, the only thing we learned was they know about Emily's night than they're letting on. Also, Noel was setting that couch on fire with his hotness.

Carissa: Agree with all the above. Also wondering if Sutton from The Lying Game frequents the parties. She'd be a master.

Caleb was the second boy toy to take the bull by the horns. Thoughts on his maneuver?
Leigh: Hot!!! He's smart and knows too much about A to be kept in the dark. Love that he forced the truth out of Hanna. And that kiss!!! Don't let him go girl, Wren isn't worth it.

Teresa: I knew Caleb would figure it out, and I thought his way of confirming his suspicious was brilliant. He totally forced the issue in the most clever way, leaving Hanna with no choice but to admit that there was a new A. I love Caleb.

Christina: Finally! Wren, who?! I've always liked Caleb and Hanna together.

Nick: Freakin' awesome! If there was going to be a guy that I would put my money on to be the first to know the nitty gritty of A it would be Caleb. Also, he and Hannah sure know how to steam up my TV.

Carissa: He made Toby look like an amateur. Hanna didn't know what hit her and I love it. 

Wes Fitzsimmons. Another new character. Possible foil for Ezra and Aria?
Leigh: It's not so much Wes, as it's the information he possesses. Ezra has skeletons in the closet and Wes has the key.

Teresa: Wes seems like a troublemaker, but he's more useful exposing the flaws in Ezra and Aria's relationship. Plus, I liked Jason as possible Ezra replacement, and I'm still hoping he'll come back. 

Christina:  I don't think so. We've learned so much about Ezra these past few weeks. I can't help but wonder what else he is hiding from Aria. If he keeps it up, he'll be the only one doing the foiling.

Nick: For about half of the episode I thought he was Wren. I could care less about his character; we have enough characters as it is.

Carissa: It's a bit odd that he went from lone gunman to family members crawling out of the woodwork, but I kind of liked Wes. Watching someone with a sibling can be telling. I'm interested. Ezra needs to come clean, stat. 

What was your favorite story of the night and why?
Leigh: I was the most interested in the Kahn party, but that kinda left us with more questions than answers. I do always like seeing the PLLs at a party though and Cece is a fun addition to the show.

Teresa: I'm huge fan of Caleb's, so I really liked passionate reunion between Hanna and Caleb. It's about time!

Christina: My favorite scene was when Caleb and Hanna saw each other at school and wanted to say so much more than they did. Talk about sparks flying!

Nick: Caleb and Hannah for sure.

Carissa: That smoldering kiss at the end of the Caleb shakedown. Brilliant. He was letting her know she was not in this alone and he wouldn't allow her to be, end of story. WOW!

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, conversing with cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film with anyone who will listen. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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