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Spencer realizes that she missed the early deadline for her application to UPenn. Luckily, CeCe knows a guy who works in their admission's office and offers to take her to meet him at party that night - a party at Noel Kahn's cabin. Spencer takes Aria with her, and the girls end up playing two intense rounds of the Kahn game (a game of truth) with Jenna and Noel. They find out very little about Emily's night with Jenna, except that Noel was there and the two picked up Emily at a diner, not on the streets. However, Spencer's application gets into the right hands and she receives an email from UPenn confirming receipt of her early admissions application. Meanwhile, Ezra's family drama heats up when his brother stops by to help him with his money issues. His brother Wesley also tells Aria all about Ezra's high school girlfriend who got pregnant and was given money to "handle" the problem by Ezra's mom. Emily finds out that they have access to Maya's website and spends the evening tearfully exploring the page's contents. Also, Caleb discovers that there's a new A by texting Hanna using A's name and forcing her to meet him. After assuring Hanna that he will help her find A with or without her permission, he kisses her and the two finally reconcile.

Pretty Little Liars
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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

I think you're confusing which Scooby Doo character would have gotten into an Ivy League.


Why are you not all "go-go gadget" about this? This is big!


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Song The Way That You Do Bosshouse
Tyler blackburn find a way Find A Way Tyler Blackburn iTunes
Bosshouse it ends It Ends Bosshouse iTunes