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There were definitely some funny moments, but probably because creator David Zuckerman dubbed it "maybe [the] funniest ep yet," I was considerably disappointed by "Avoidance."

Don't get me wrong, Kristen's entire performance was fantastic, and it was probably the best use of Dorian Brown yet. The only thing that topped Ryan's friend's ridiculously idiotic inside jokes was Kristen's reaction to each and every one of them.

Ryan & Wilfred Dance

Whether it was laughing at everything he said, even though she had no idea what the joke was, or attempting to add to the laugh with quips like "that poor duck," she was probably the highlight of the night.

The next best thing about "Avoidance" was the pair of big dance sequences. Yes, I realize there were more than two dancing scenes, but I'm talking about the big numbers.

The first montage, in which Ryan and Wilfred go through a number of crazy and iconic dance moves before ending with Wilfred spraying his sixth best friend with the water hose, and then the tuxedo'd dance at the end both had me smiling from ear to ear.

It was Ryan's look in both of those scenes that probably made them most enjoyable. The guy is so down in the dumps all the time about everything that seeing him happy, if just for a moment, gives the audience a great feeling.

The running joke that didn't have me in stitches was all of the Wilfred/Ryan/ejaculation humor. It sort of just skipped over funnyville and went straight to grosstown. To be fair, though, watching the episode a second time through improved every scene in which I knew Wilfred was actually talking about a churro.

The best thing about "Avoidance" was that they decided to show it at Comic-Con, and it mentioned the convention in the episode. I loved Ryan's bit about being able to pass as Harry Potter. I think he'd have a better shot as a Frodo type, no?

Looking to the future, we have to think again about Ryan's father stopping by at some point. With how prominent his character was again in this episode, they're making it more and more difficult to not bring in somebody awesome to play Mr. Newman. The longer they wait to bring him on, the more famous and the more iconic that actor is going to have to be. I can't wait to meet him.

What did you all think of the episode?  Was it one of you favorites ever? Or did it disappoint you as it did me? Who was your MVP character of the night? And who do you think should play Ryan's dad?

Check out all the best lines in our Wilfred quotes section, and then sound off in the comments.

Avoidance Review

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