Lost Girl Review: Wings of Flame

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The war is on! The Garuda made his move and it came at a horrible cost for the Fae on Lost Girl's "Lachlan's Gambit."

It's still not clear how The Garuda was able to see through Nadia, but the how doesn't really matter. The Garuda had an advantage of information in the war due to Nadia and turning Trick's mole. It was all he needed to set a trap for The Ash.

Bo Takes Drastic Action

Even with the added strength of the returned Dyson and Ciara, it wasn't enough to claim victory this time around. Their addition to the team wasn't pointless as they were instrumental in helping the overall cause. Ciara gave her life to protect Bo.

The Fae were sucked into The Garuda's trap by sending Dyson, Bo and team along with all The Ash's guards to the enemy's lair. Dyson was integral in protecting his friends, in particular, Bo, by decimating the Berserkers. While Hale did his part by getting Bo to safety, even while potentially sacrificing their good friend Kenzi. Hale and Trick were lucky that Kenzi wasn't hurt. If she had been, they would have both faced Bo's wrath.

The cost was high enough with Ciara's death, but grew even greater when The Garuda killed Lachlan. At first, it appeared the only hope of killing The Garuda was eliminated with Lachlan's death and his venom gone, but instead the Fae are now at an advantage. 

That Lachlan ... he was smart. He had Lauren take some of his venom and preserve it. He was willing to sacrifice himself for the survival of the Fae. The Garuda has no clue that they have this secret weapon against him. I'm going to miss Lachlan. I didn't like him at first, but he grew on me. Too bad he couldn't sprout another head!

Who will be responsible for the Fae victory over The Garuda? Will it be Dyson as he was foretold by the Wolf Spirit? Or, Bo as seen by the Nain Rouge? Could they both be right? The Wolf Spirit said that his role would be "significant." My guess is that it will take both of them to bring down The Garuda. Plus, Lauren will have to figure out a way to keep the venom a viable poison against The Garuda. 

In the end, I hope that the Nain Rouge vision that Bo had was misinterpreted. Perhaps, she traps The Garuda by pretending to kill Trick. It's possible, right? No matter what this fight is far from over. A victory is come at further cost to the Fae world. 

Relationship Odds and Ends

  • Lauren's initial reaction to Bo was a bit odd. Yes, Bo killed her girlfriend, but I expected Lauren to be a little more understanding. Or, at least less cold. Lauren seemed almost afraid of Bo. And, then even at the Dal, Lauren wanted nothing to do with her.
  • Dyson's return was not full of hugs and kisses. Kenzi was the only one who accepted him. It was sad to watch. Though, Bo backed up Dyson over Lachlan and they all stood by him in the fight. I love the older brother/younger sister relationship between Dyson and Kenzi.
  • After the tension between Lauren and Bo, it was surprising to see Lauren show up at Bo's with her hair done. Their heart-to-heart was necessary for them to get past what happened to Nadia. It was touching to see them bond together in bed, but it came across more like two best friends comforting each other than two lovers. Will they be able to spark a romance after all they have been through?
  • Bo must be over Dyson or cut him out of her heart, because she showed no concern at all when she saw him beaten up on the push cart. 
  • These last two episodes should be telling about Bo and her relationships. Will her fight against The Garuda and working with Lauren about the venom push them closer together? What if Dyson succeeds and he gets his love back as the Wolf Spirit suggested? Right now, Bo is all alone, will she remain that way?

Lachlan's Gambit Review

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