The Voice Review: Moonwalk This Way

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The first week of The Voice blind auditions has come to an end, and CeeLo continues to get overlooked by the aspiring singers. Hey, he did a heck of a job with Juliet Simms last season so I don't know what these contestants are so hesitant about.

Other than Mr. Green's failure to land team members, I took to major things away from Wednesday night's installment:

  1. I know some contestants take into account who turns around first when making their decision, but it isn't the only thing on their mind when deciding on a coach.  Please stop going on and on about how you were the first one to turn. They can see who turned around first, so spend that time pitching your passion for them instead of wasting it on a reminder that you hit your button before the other coaches.
  2.  Carson Daly either still gets really excited about every single blind audition, or he's good at pretending to act like a little school girl back stage.  It was most noticeable when the first coach turned around for Nelly's Echo and with how closely he was watching the beginning of Nicole Nelson's performance. He's into it!

Now let's get to the competition!

The Voice Poster

Team Adam
Current Members: Bryan Keith, Joe Kirkland

After failing to land a single contestant on Tuesday, Adam picked up three tonight, including the first of the hour in Samuel Mouton.  He wasn't taking any chances, turning around immediately for the kid's version of "Redemption Song." I liked Samuel's reggae sound, but maybe because of the color of his skin, it sounded much more like an impersonation.  CeeLo disagreed with me in that regard.

Later in the night Adam picked up Loren Allred, who we saw very little of. He then ended the hour by adding 34-year-old Nicole Nelson.  The hippie won over all four coaches with her performance of "Hallelujah," but as I always say, anyone would sound great on that masterpiece. I've never heard it done poorly, but that's not to say Nicole's wasn't particularly enjoyable.

Adam went 3-for-4 on turn-arounds, improving his season total to a respectable 5-for-11 (46%).

Team Xtina
Current Members: De'Borah, Devyn Deloera, Adriana Louise, Aquile

Christina increased her team to seven members, but we really only got to see one of them as Lisa Schinta and Marissaan were quickly glanced over. The one we did see was an absolute joy. Nelly's Echo, who left Nigeria due to political unrest 16 years ago, put forth a pleasant rendition of "Ain't No Sunshine," winning over both Xtina and Adam. He eventually went with the pop diva.

Going 3-for-5 on Wednesday puts Christina at 7-for-12 (58%) on the season, as she continues to be the most popular coach.

Team Blake
Current Members: Terry McDermott, Gracia Harrison, Casey Muessigmann, Julio Cesar Castillo

It was a quiet night for Blake Shelton.  Well, other than moonwalking on stage to prove his dancing supremacy. Blake picked up the first duo of the season in 2Steel Girls of Nashville. This mother-daughter duo sounded great together, but their solos left a little to be desired. Given how mediocre duos have done so far on The Voice, I'm surprised they're continuing to bother with them.

Blake also turned around with all the coaches for Nicole Nelson to end the night, but he wasn't as successful, so he finished just 1-for-2. He is now 5-for-12 (42%) on the season.

Team CeeLo
Current Members: Daniel Rosa, Trevin Hunte, Mackenzie Bourg

Poor CeeLo. After going 1-for-5 - only nabbing one contestant nobody wanted - on Tuesday, the coach went an embarrassing 1-for-7 on turn-arounds on Wednesday. He again picked up a singer that no other coach wanted, and this time it made a lot of sense.  Domo was ridiculous, and not all that impressive of a singer. Even if she was great, her antics wouldn't be worth it; not on this show. This isn't The X Factor!

CeeLo's season total on turn-arounds is now at 4-for-18 (22%).


Premiere Week is over, but we still have a ton of The Voice left to go. Who was your favorite contestant of the night?  How about the best of the whole week? Anyone stand out as someone who will make it to the finals? Which coach is in the best shape to take home the season three trophy?


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