Arrow Set Visit: Colin Donnell Teases "Adult" Love Triangle

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Arrow premiered to record ratings last week on The CW, as over four million viewers tuned in to see Stephen Amell's abs this impressive re-imagining of the classic comic.

The show hit all the right marks with action, intrigue and even romance.

At the end of the premiere, it was revealed that while Oliver was presumed dead, Tommy and Laurel started a little something something. Their relationship, while seemingly undefined, is sure to cause at least a little friction between Oliver, his best friend and his true love.

TV Fanatic stopped by the gorgeous Queen family mansion set in Vancouver (trip provided by Warner Bros. TV) and talked with Colin Donnell about this love triangle. Are you Team Ollie or Team Tommy, TV Fanatics? Ponder that question and watch a clip from our interview:

"It's a very adult love triangle," Donnell said. "It's three people who completely understand what's going on in their lives and we're all adults."

They may be adults, but the relationship between Oliver, Tommy and Laurel is not by any means a simple one. Donnell explains:

"Oliver has his secrets and Tommy and Laurel - everybody's just trying to figure it out. Obviously they have so much history and love for each other that that's a problem. But there's as much love between Oliver and I and there's as much love between Laurel and I as well. So it's three people who are very adult about the situation but it's a difficult one to try to navigate."

So far, Tommy's a douche, but there is much more to him than that. 

"I think Tommy very much cares about Laurel... they took comfort in one another and solace in each others's arms while trying to deal with the death of a friend and there are a lot of feelings that Tommy is not used to experiencing with women that are percolating there. And Tommy is a good guy. I know it doesn't seem like it right now. [Laughs] ... And I think Laurel can see that in Tommy in some shades of grey and there may be some fun stuff coming up that shows a different side of Tommy than what we've seen in the pilot."

Who should get the girl?

"Tommy!" Donnell exclaimed. "What kind of question is that? I think it's going to be fun to see what ends up happening. It's going to be a tough decision whenever it comes. Because of their history, it's very difficult because Tommy is going to show that he can actually man up. People are going to enjoy rooting for both of us. I hope they root for both of us. I hope! It would be a shame if they all rooted for Oliver and nobody rooted for Tommy. Is there going to be a Team Tommy?"

Which team are you on? Team Ollie? Or Team Tommy? Colin Donnell is such a delight it's difficult to not root for Tommy ... at least a little bit!

Arrow returns tonight for its second episode, "Honor Thy Father." Looking for more Arrow scoops? Check out our interviews from New York Comic Con and the Vancouver set visit.

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