Superstore: Lauren Ash Discusses Dina's Birds & Teases "Giant" Cliffhanger

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Dina's birds may be gone but they certainly aren't forgotten. 

The issue hasn't been addressed for a while, but when we chatted with Lauren Ash, who portrays Dina, at PaleyLive she assured us that it will play back into the story. 

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We also asked how this would affect Dina's relationship with her co-worker, Garrett, when the truth about who really let her birds loose comes to light. 

Dina Fox - Superstore

It's a bit complicated as the two didn't have just a typical friendship. They were sleeping together on and off during the series, and did come to develop an emotional connection, despite how much they try to deny it . 

Where will this leave them? Considering how important Dina's birds are to her, is this something she'll ever be able to forgive?

Dina may still be the assistant manager, but there's a new head honcho of Cloud 9. Now that Amy has taken over as the store manager, we asked how it would impact their friendship, as Dina is Amy's best friend. 

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Or as Lauren says, " self-proclaimed," best friend. Which, of course, just adds to the comedy Dina and Amy elicit when they're onscreen together. 

Lauren Ash - PaleyLive - Superstore

And last but not least, we had to ask about the Superstore Season 4 finale. There's been rumors floating around that it will be the show's darkest and most explosive finale to date. 

We talked to Lauren about whether or not viewers will be left on yet another cliffhanger, and just how much craziness we need to prepare ourselves for. 

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Lauren was just as hilarious in person and was an absolute joy to talk to. Her love and passion for Superstore is obvious, and we couldn't have asked for a more talented person to play Dina.

Check out our full video interview from Superstore: An Evening in Cloud 9 below! 

Superstore airs Thursdays at 8/7c on NBC. 

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