The Voice Review: Battles Get Hot...and Cold

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The Battle Rounds have finally come to a close on the third season of The Voice, and it's time to move on to the Knockout Round. Similar to the battles, the knockouts will pit two singers from each team against each other.

What sets the next round apart is that the contestants will pick their own song, and sing it by themselves. A lot will be on the line, just as there was in Tuesday night's final three battles. Let's take a look at how they played out...

Michaela vs. Kelly

Team Xtina - Adriana Louise vs. Jordan Pruitt - "Hot and Cold"

The Battle: Jordan mentioned her Disney past an exorbitant amount of times. If she wants to move on from the past, she should stop talking about it. For as cutesy as this song is, it also really allows for big voices to showcase themselves. That's where Adriana took the advantage. Jordan, on the other hand, has a real tenderness in her voice, which was only highlighted at the beginning and ends of this track. I can see that paying off more with different song choices in the future.
My Choice: Jordan
Xtina's Choice: Adriana
Battle Grade: B-

Team Blake - Kelly Crapa vs. Michaela Paige - "I Hate Myself For Loving You"

The Battle: Can anyone hear this song and not think of Sunday Night Football at this point? For that reason, I wasn't expecting to like this performance at all, but Kelly and Michaela changed my mind. What was great about this battle was that these two were so different, they each excelled at their own style, AND they gelled together nicely. Michaela's power and all around spunk might have outdone Kelly's tone and country twang just by a nose.
My Choice: Michaela
Blake's Choice: Michaela
Battle Grade: A

Team Cee Lo - Avery Wilson vs. Chevonne - "Titanium"

The Battle: Do you think that these contestants knew that they were the last battle, and that there was a final steal left? One of them could have just gone up there and done a chicken dance if they wanted to get off of Team Cee Lo and join Team Xtina. As much as Carson wanted us to believe it, the pressure really wasn't on…not nearly as much as the other battles anyway. Pressure or no pressure, Avery came out with fire!  That rich tone and subsequent growl would land a spot on my team any day of the week and twice on Tuesdays. Did you hear that long note when he was looking up to the ceiling? Fantastic.
My Choice: Avery
Cee Lo's Choice: Avery
Battle Grade: B+
Steal: I loved Xtina talking Chevonne wayyy up because she knew Avery would win, and she would have to steal Chevonne. It was smart to preemptively boast her future team member. Of course, Xtina then did end up stealing Chevonne, and I couldn't tell if she knew it was coming or not.


What was your favorite battle of the night?  Who was your favorite contestant? Was Chevonne honestly surprised by that steal? And are you excited for the Knockout Round, or do you just want to get to the live shows?


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