Supernatural Review: Welcome to Cartoon World

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Things got a little looney on this week's Supernatural.

Unfortunately, the wascally wabbit didn't make an appearance as a terrorizing toon, but Sam and Dean were on the hunt to figure out why certain robberies and murders felt far more animated than usual.

"Hunteri Heroici" could certainly have been a hate it or love it episode, leaving the dark serious aspects of the show on hold and instead attempting to tickle the funny bone by dropping anvils and making hearts literally beat out of the chest.

Castiel on a Case

The concept was creative and right up Sam and Dean's alley on the weirdness level. How gross was the "X" marks the spot body splatter? And while the final fight sequence stuck to the cartoon rules of using frying pans and guns that shoot out "bang" flags, the noises took me a little bit out of the moment.

Yes, they went right along with it all, but maybe I was hoping that somehow Sam and Dean might end up turning into cartoons? Is that too far fetched for this series? I even thought that perhaps when Sam was pleading with Fred Jones inside his head, that he and Castiel might become animated versions of themselves.

Certainly, allowing a former friend of the brothers' father to be the source of the cartoon world was an interesting aspect, but I kept waiting for the real culprit to be a trickster. Gabriel, perhaps? Who wasn't hoping he would come back?

The whole thought process was reminiscent of Gabriel's antics on the episode "Changing Channels," and while this one contained funny moments, it wasn't nearly on the same level as the former episode.

Yet, it was Castiel that truly stole the show.

Not only did he want to become a hunter (a good third wheel according to him), but he wanted to show Sam and Dean just how useful he could be.

From his hilarious bloodhound sniffing ways to his straight out of every law drama show "bad cop" interrogation, Castiel was nailing the humor. Even trying to get the cat to give up information was a good chuckle.

And to think that I'd been looking at Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner all wrong these years. Who knew Castiel's analysis about the man chasing God metaphor would be so enlightening? And hilarious.

Dean did manage to sneak out a few moments of his own from checking out the nurse (there's the Dean I know!) to joking about "wabbit" season before being corrected of the pronunciation.

Sam had more flashbacks again and the biggest connection to the main story seemed to focus on chasing dreams.

We definitely got more meat to the backstory with Amelia's father playing the hard ass and questioning Sam. I'm not surprised her dad kept grilling him and providing the "you're not right for my daughter" attitude, but man was he harsh. It is great, though, that we got to see Sam is conflicted about losing his brother at the same time he's trying to live his normal life.

Clearly, Sam and Amelia's situation comes more from an emotional escape for each other that's trying to blossom into something more, but the fact that her husband is alive throws a whole wrench into that relationship. I wonder what that will mean for Sam?

I guess I'm okay with Sam's flashbacks, but for whatever reason, they still feel a bit out of place. And I can't help but think that with Sam playing house and not monster hunting, his apple pie life feels more Gilmore Girls than Supernatural.

But will Castiel be able to find real penance with his mess in Heaven and can he escape the clutches of Naomi? I'm curious about how that part of his journey will play out this season and just how deep the show will take us into his blackmailing angel counterparts. I hope it's a lot more than the mentions here and there of the war in Heaven on Supernatural Season 7 at least.

This was a fair episode of Supernatural that made me laugh, had a bit more backstory for Sam and featured the trio hunting together. Maybe I was expecting a little more out of the cartoon world, but I really do love that the show is willing to take that leap and try for the wacky and new.

What did you think? Was this episode a stinker or a hilarious take on the toon world? Sound off below!

Hunteri Heroici Review

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