New Girl Review: Winter Privilege Night

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"Santa" does exist! In the form of a generous, bearded, black policeman! Tonight's episode was cute. It started and ended sweetly, and headed into the winter hiatus without any real questions. In fact, the only relationship that seems unsettled is the one between Cece and Schmidt. I'm curious about the number of fans that are all for Cece and Schmidt versus the ones who think they are a ridiculous couple together. I fall into the first camp, if that hasn't been made clear already.

And although Sam is cute, I didn't think much about him between their last breakup and tonight's reunion. But Jess certainly seems thrilled. I can't imagine it ending too well though. I predict Nick and Angie will stay together, as will Sam and Jess. Then one of the couples will want to accelerate the commitment, but either Jess or Nick will sabotage their own relationship to be with the other person. Just a thought. Make sure to make some predictions of your own in the comments!

Winston & Jess' Holiday Date
The best part of tonight's episode was definitely the scenes with Nick and Angie. I liked seeing Nick embarrass himself in the sleigh, which was equivalent to Jess' car modeling fiasco. And seeing him try and strip to a Christmas carol was stellar, along with Schmidt trying to show him a thing or two with his "eye contact." Angie doing the strip tease was sexy, but it just reminded me New Girl is on FOX.

Another great moment? Jess singing "I don't know the words" to the tune of "Come All Ye Faithful". Oh, and Schmidt calling Christmas the "White Anglo Saxon Winter Privilege Night."

One minor thing that drove me nuts about this episode? I hated Jess' coat. It reeked of "adorkable" and over the top adorned/cutesy. I know that this is Jess' style and it fits, but that coat symbolizes everything that is wrong with Jess to me. Stunted maturity, too naive, just young in a way that is supposed to be appealing, but sometimes ends up being completely absurd.

Happy holidays, New Girl fans! And I'll see you in January!


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Loved the episode! Glad Sam's back! I think he and Jess have GREAT chemistry. Granted, she also has chemistry with Nick. But I don't want to see that just yet. I looove cece and schmidt! Yes, I do agree with a comment below that they ARE a couple... whether or not they're together or not.


Serenity, you nailed it. I love that Jess - and Zooey - is cute and goofy. That's why I started watching the show. That plus Max Greenfield being so awesome as Schmidt is why I'm still watching. Schmidt trying to show Angie how to do a lap dance? Classic Schmidt. Also - nobody pointed out that Winston finally got to be more than the "token black." They're slowly giving him more to do, and I love it. Loved him believing in Santa.


The lap dance scene was hilarious! Angie brings a whole other side out of nick. I love it! I actually really like Jess and Sam together. They have good chemistry! Obviously nowhere near her chemistry with nick, but their time will come! And yes, Winston does have a love interest coming on in 2013. Brenda song is coming on to date him. @daron who are Ben and Jess?


Funniest episode since the turkey in the dryer! Schmidt's Christmas rant? Jess trying to get out of "the glass room"? or Nick yelling THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE in his under ware in front of everyone...All hilarious.

Lisa palmer

I think the best Jess has ever been is in the season 1 episode "Jess and Julia." I definitely harped on the coat a bit much, but it just reminded me of a version of Jess that they write that is just a bit too cutesy for me. But I think they struck a pretty good balance in this episode.


This was probably one of my favorite episodes, I love this show!!! Cece and Schmid ARE a couple, they don't even need to be together to be one. Nick the "annoyorable" guy who talks to himself, I like when he's so supportive and protective toward Jess, they're not quite ready to be together, it seems to me that they're stuck in a big brother-lil sister like relationship, at least for now. And Winston, he's actually a sweet guy, he's sometimes the voice of reason and he's quite responsible (job, girlfriend), but he's sensitive and attached to childhood things like Santa or food battle. His "playing roles scenes" are hilarious (faking a break up with Jess, outraged gay boyfriend of Schmidt) May he have an interesting love interest and a decent story line in 2013.


I flipping loved that coat! it does indeed reek of "adorkable" and that IS Jess! HELLO! Anyone actually watching this show? Sheesh. And, I thought Schmidt's Christmas rant was quite hilarious. Nothing racist about it. It was a joke. Overall, I thought this was a very cute episode and I loved it when Jess couldn't get out of the party due to the insane amount of floor to ceiling windows in that house.


Seriously? Her coat was adorable and I've seen similar ones all over the place. It seems you hate a major part of the show. The basis of this show is a quirky, "adorkable" young woman moves in with three guys who do not understand her quirks. Remember the wedding episode last season where they all instructed Jess on how not to be herself? I don't know why people have a problem with the four acting "immature". What do you want them to be doing, reading the Wall Street Journal and discussing the fiscal cliff? You cannot tell me you have never done something stupid like throwing cranberries at someone, no matter what age you are.


Um Daron - you think Schmidt's comment was racist?!! Sorry buddy but YOUR comment is racist!! Christmas is NOT for everyone! There are actually people who don't celebrate it. Get a clue!


This episode was ok but I didnt like the begining. Four adults seeing at a table in the middle of afternoon doing nothing and trowing cranberries at each other like four year olds. I liked Nick's cookie he who knew he had an artistic side. I didnt like Schmith's racist comment about Christmas. Christmas is hoilday for everone to enjoy. Cant wait to see what happens with Ben and Jess.

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