Supernatural Round Table: "Hunteri Heroici"

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Supernatural went all cartoon-like last week, as viewers appear split on what went down in "Hunteri Heroici." Where does our Round Table panel stand?

Find out now, as Carissa Pavlica and Sean McKenna - along with Alice Jester from The Winchester Family Business - gather around and breakdown the episode...


Did you enjoy the use of the cartoon world?
Carissa: Not as much as I expected. I thought it would be much funnier, and I felt the cartoon aspect was really masking a much deeper despair in both Sam and Cas. For that reason, it didn't really work for me.

Alice: Strangely, I did. I’ve seen too many failures with live action and cartoons (I’m talking to you Space Jam) but this worked. They didn’t carry it too far and they had the right amount of believability. Plus, you don’t get more inspired that “Dean Winchester - Hunterus Heroicus” and “Dr. Mahoney - Grotesques Villainus.” That was my major LOL moment. 

Sean: I enjoyed bits of it. I thought it was creative and rather fun getting to see things like the anvil or the beating heart. Although, I was also hoping that the episode might go one step further and maybe smack Sam and Dean in some cartoon world.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Is Castiel the perfect third wheel hunter?
Carissa: Cas is just perfect. He had the best lines of the episode, and his off the cuff comment about John Winchester's handwriting cut me to the quick. It was from left field, but so sincere.

Alice: Absolutely, because he can’t do this on his own. I love that they showed what little instincts he has for hunting. He really sucks at this job. He didn’t even grasp the concept of cartoons! The metaphor of the Road Runner and Coyote with man and his quest for God was inspired. He’s good enough to assist with doing angel stuff like moving anvils and reading minds, just never be good enough for shotgun. Then again, even Sam and Dean have never been called a “Dumbass” by a talking cat. Maybe he’s worse than I thought. 

Sean: He was fantastic and had by far the best moments of the night. Sure, he definitely needed some help in playing good cop/bad cop, but his excitement for the job was spot on. His interrogation scenes with the cat were hilarious.

Anyone wish that maybe Gabriel had returned or were you okay with Fred Jones as the cause of the cartoon antics?
Carissa: I didn't mind where the antics came from. It was nice they had some connection to the boys. Supernatural always plays on its past so well. Even things that you'd think would never come up again manage to wriggle their way back into the story.

Alice: I was okay with Fred Jones, because when (or if I say in a much quieter voice) Gabriel comes back, it has to be with a much bigger plot and more airtime than this. He must own it! I do think Mike Farrell was perfect for this role and it’s thrilling to see such a revered TV veteran on our little show. 

Sean: It was okay, but I was really hoping Gabriel would be back. He had such a charismatic presence that having these cartoon antics made me wish he would pop up. That said I liked that Fred was a part of the boys past, as well as brought back up their father. It feels so long since he left them and love how this show does its call backs.

What did you think of Sam's flashbacks this week?
Carissa: They lead me to believe that something bigger is behind his story. I found it very strange that as soon as he shared one close moment with Amelia's father the phone rang with news about Don. Doesn't that seem odd? Also, were the flashbacks always in such blur-o-vision? I felt like they really made them feel different this week. They had a more dreamy quality.

Alice: I wasn’t buying into any of the “Sam is dreaming/in a coma” conspiracy theories until this week. After those bizarre flashbacks, now I’m convinced! They seem very off. Why did Sam use his real name and talk about Stanford? He doesn’t spill secrets. Sam is not an open book, so how did Amelia’s father figure him out so easily? Why is the lighting this week so much brighter in the flashbacks than prior ones, which were already brightly lit? Why is Don alive, coincidentally immediately after Sam admits why he was running. It just doesn’t add up.   

Sean: I agree about the "blur-o-vision" and it makes me wonder if there really is far more behind his flashbacks. That said, I really hope so because Amelia and the general concept of his normal life feels far too tame compared to everything else going on. I really want to see something become of it all.

Any thoughts on Naomi's plans for Castiel?
Carissa: I still wonder if she's really with Heaven. Why can't Cas see if if things are alright now? Is he being played? Also, last week it was of the utmost importance that he spy on the boys and report back, but this week she said he should just do what he wants to do. What happened to reporting back on Sam and Dean? Very strange.

Alice: No, I’m still stuck on that one. First she wants him to watch Sam and Dean, now she tells him to do whatever he wants. Probably because the boys kept asking him questions and got him thinking about things that Heaven prefers he not deal with. Now he’s ruined everything by choosing to face his fears. That still tells us nothing about her plans, but perhaps it means that Castiel isn’t going to be controlled so easily.

Sean: Why is she even interested in Castiel? I know he hangs out with Sam and Dean, but couldn't she have some other angel to report to? Maybe because he feels guilt ridden that he's more susceptible to answering to the angels. There's something very odd going on behind Naomi and I'm excited to find out that big reveal.

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