Bunheads Review: It's Time to Dance!

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"You Wanna See Something?" marked the start of the second half of Bunheads Season 1 and the episode did a fine job of pulling the group together after the terrible macing incident that resulted in Michelle’s departure from Paradise.

Nobody made out well after she left, least of all Michelle herself. Fanny shut down the dance studio and the girls were left working for their parents as a result. Melanie was watching her wheelchair-ridden grandfather; Boo was playing babysitter to an already overgrown family as her mother was pregnant again and assigned to bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy; and Ginny was helping her mom by playing teenage real estate agent to some fairly poor properties.

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Only Sasha, it seemed, was living normally, off studying at the Joffrey Institute. Until the “package” was finally revealed. Sasha was back in Paradise, but refused to go home.

So where was Michelle? Living with her BFF Talia, who was dating a crotchety old man. Michelle couldn’t find work in Vegas, so was playing background eye candy for an awful magician in Henderson, Nevada. Between her and Talia, it occurred to me their chances for making it had dried up. Vegas wasn’t a place for them to be trying to be discovered any longer. If they hadn’t already hit their peak and been offered their own show, it was time to move on.

The best part of Bunheads last year was the developing relationship between Fanny and Michelle, and seeing Fanny without Michelle showed that she had felt that kinship, as well. As the series opened, Fanny was watching Michelle teach a class, enjoying her enthusiasm and silliness as she interacted with the students.

She later found the wedding DVD of Michelle and Hubbell. It’s always good to see Alan Ruck reprise his role as Hubbell and his performance as the eager husband-to-be was no exception. We saw Fanny watch up to a certain point, and then she was in Henderson, staking a claim on her daughter-in-law.

They had fought hard to become friends, and no matter what happened, until they died they were family because that’s just how it works. Hubbell put it all into place and there was no going back. Fanny was right to make Michelle feel bad about leaving. Did she really think she was the only one who could get angry and yell and expect people to accept apologies later? Fanny and others in town could do just the same. It didn’t mean Michelle could run out on people who had come to depend on her.

We saw the second part of the wedding video when Michelle watched it and Hubbell predicted his mother would eventually come to love Michelle more than she did her own son. I’m not quite sure that’s the case yet, but I think they both feel a strong connection, and know it needs to be nurtured and explored. Their relationship remains the heart of Bunheads.

Other things of note:

  • Did Sasha really stay in the broom closet for two weeks?
  • The viral video was cute. I’d love to see someone come to Boo and ask her to do a commercial or something so she could get some extra self confidence.
  • It was good to see Truly hadn’t changed. I really want her to build me a fun little playhouse!
  • Sasha running to Michelle and their hug made the entire hour worthwhile. I hope they examine the special relationship they seem to have built up over the season as it progresses.

You Wanna See Something? Review

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