Happy Endings Review: What Would Kerry Washington Do?

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Double the Happy Endings, double the gut splitting laughs!

That's right, we now get a pair of new episodes a week of the underrated comedy. "Fowl Play/Date" marked the return of not only this awesome sitcom you all need to watch so ABC notices the ratings, but also the return of Alex's racist parrot! 

That's right, Tyler's back! Unfortunately for him, his avian life of spewing hateful remarks was cut short.

How Will Alex React?

When Alex is out of town at Rom Com Con, Brad and Penny make one faux pas after another and find themselves in need of a fixer. Cue the Kerry Washington and Scandal references! Only, unfortunately, Brad and Penny's plan didn't include a hot makeout with the POTUS. First, they knock over Alex's childhood memento of her handprint that was damn huge. Then, they think they killed Tyler the racist parrot

It turns out that Alex killed the bird because she's the ditziest blonde since Amanda Seyfried's boobs could detect the weather in Mean Girls. She got wasted off of margaritas with her parrot. Didn't she learn that alcohol and animals don't mix from those d-bags who feed beer to someone's dog at parties in high school?

Alex did look super hot at the funeral. Thank goodness for that bird autopsy or Brad's guilt might have eaten him alive. Is his turn as a house-husband making him more paranoid and sensitive? Still love him, doesn't matter! 

Not hot? Jane and Dave's set ups for Max. Or as Max would say, Jamie and "Neil Patrick Niles." I love me some Jane and Dave, but they are unique and we don't need two of them! Also, I have no doubt that Jane would give off more of a scent of testosterone than Dave. 

When did we all turn against Mayer? | permalink

Uh Dave, have you ever read an interview with Mayer? If that's who inspires you, no wonder your songs had such sexual innuendos. 

Just a word on Rom Com Con: does that actually exist? Seriously, between that and Hip Hop Santa, Happy Endings keeps mentioning things I'm desperate to find in real life. Help a reviewer out and let me know!

Fowl Play/Date Review

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Happy Endings Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

I don't know why I'm surprised, I once saw you put sunscreen on a grape because you didn't want it to become a raisin.


Hey guys! You all remember my super racist parrot Tyler.