Legit Review: Breaking Out

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"I've gone further than anyone with my looks and intellect should have ever gone, and I'm miserable because of bloody dreams!"

Jim Jefferies might be lamenting his dissatisfaction with his never-ending dreams and even passing them on to Billy, but it's clear that from the ashes of all his negativity comes the almost inadvertently positive ending.

That seems to be a clear-cut pattern for Legit: taking an outrageous situation with a group of wildly different characters and sprinkling bits of heart and charm along with each shocking and crude moment.

Jim's clearly on a roll to be that moral and upstanding citizen, especially when it comes to his friends, but it's obvious that climb to responsibility and goodness isn't without its pitfalls.

Billy's Day Goes Awry

"Dreams" was all about breaking Billy out of the rest home and giving him another night of fun, as if the adventure to the hooker wasn't enough. Jim himself seemed more energetic this episode, and from his Blues Brothers reference out of the gate, it was easy to want to follow him through the escape plan.

He's doing something good, right?

Unfortunately, Billy's roommate, Rodney, is there to potentially sound the alarm, and Jim decided to bribe him first by tricking him with money and then digging into his gum retirement fund.

It seems like an awful manipulation, and yet I'm laughing at Rodney shouting "You're fired" while shaking my head at Jim's choice to end up kidnapping him.

So, of course, it only makes sense that Jim throws a wild party for his friends, leaving Billy and Rodney enjoying themselves more than they have ever seemed to. And did Rodney even get lucky too?

Really, Jim's actions are irresponsible by normal conventions, and he can't seem to understand because, well, he had a fantastic night of drugs, booze and girls.

Adding to it all, Jim blurts out that he'll take care of Billy after they learn Billy has been evicted from the rest home.

Jim can barely seem to take care of himself (think about him being responsible with the hot girl's dog), but through all the craziness you can actually believe that he would end up doing a good job.

It's no surprise that Billy doesn't want to live with his mom, but it's ironically funny that he wants to kill himself and can't. The joke about not being able to move is used multiple times, but it's never meant in any mean fashion. At least Billy ends up having good friends.

Through all the wild antics and Jim's comments, the episode really tries to take that turn towards something sweeter.

Jim proudly expresses his friendship with Billy and desire to be there for him, even if Steve will be the one to wipe Billy's ass.

And that final moment you think will close with a sincere sentiment as Jim looks lovingly at Billy, takes that twisted turn the show does well with Jim peeing into the special container.

The pacing works far better than the pilot itself, and even though nothing really happens in the episode, there's a reestablishment that beneath Jim's egocentric, dirty, and mouthy exterior is a solid heart.

While more than half the time, it's easy to think "I can't believe they just did that," there's something oddly charming about Legit that makes you want to see Jim, Billy, Steve, and heck even Rodney, getting into those wild and goofy scenarios.

Dreams Review

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I've gone further than anyone with my looks and intellect should have ever gone, and I'm miserable because of bloody dreams!


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